Book Review – Shadow of the Past


Book Title: Shadow of the past
Author: Mayank Manohar

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘Shadow of the Past‘ is emotional and nostalgic.

Book Cover:
The cover image of the book is of a young couple moving away in opposite directions. Noting much can be inferred from the image.

About the author:
Mayank Manohar is an engineer-turned-journalist and has worked with The Times of India as a Senior Correspondent for four years. He has also worked with an NGO Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) as a Communication Officer & Documentary Film-maker. He is presently working with SEED CSR as a Communication Manager. He was born in Bangalore and brought up in Patna. After finishing his 10th grade, he stepped outside Bihar to experience what it was like to live on his own. He finished his high school from Narayana Junior College, Hyderabad, then pursued engineering from SRM University, Chennai, where he realized what he was meant for and began his writing journey, to become an author. He moved to Delhi in 2014 and pursued a PG Diploma in Journalism from the Times School of Journalism. He is a movie buff, loves to cook, and loves to travel. In his leisure time, he enjoys listening to music and reading novels. Shadow of the Past is his debut novel, which describes the relationship between two people and their baggage from the past.

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About the book:

Life throws up though choices that often control your life, forcing you to carry the baggage of your past. In the process, you have no option but to fall in love with your own shadow. Your pain and loneliness are your best friends. But there comes a breaking point and when you reach it, there is a good chance it can destroy you completely.

The story is about Lavanya and Rehan who once were head over heels in love with each other but they get separated due to many misunderstandings that drain the relationship. For seven long years, they lead separate lives thinking that the other has moved on but in fact, they are both in the same place. When Rehan finds someone in his workplace who is interested in him, he stops to realize that his insecurities are not that easy to let go of. At the same time, Lavanya is getting married and her past doesn’t leave her easily.

My review:

For a debut book, picking up this storyline is a very brave step. The story doesn’t end like a cliché type teenage love story but has some matured elements in dealing with the importance of relationships. When Arpita, the third character who shows interest in Rehan finds herself in the middle of the crossroads between Lavanya and Rehan’s paths. From Ranchi to Hyderabad, the story is a good read.

What I like:

1. The story is written in a realistic way unlike a fairy tale
2. A different story between many similar books
3. Other than just coochie coo romance, there are other things that give strength to the story
4. The characters are relatable

What I didn’t like:
Grammatical errors act as speed breakers while reading.  Good editing would have helped the book to be more easily readable.

All the characters are drafted well.

An interesting narration is found in the story.

Language & Grammar:
Though the language used is simple, punctuation and other errors are disappointing.

My Final Verdict:
A good one-time readable story

Book Title:
Book Cover: 3/5
Language & Grammar:
Final Rating:

(Reviewed by Swapna Peri)

The Book Review first appeared in Storizen Magazine December 2019 Issue