Book Review: Shall We Tango Charlie

A quite captivating and entertaining read!


Book Title: Shall We Tango Charlie?

Author: Chetna Lumb Bedi

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:

Apart from many good things, the most important thing in the story that drew my attention was the female protagonist’s courage. There are equal amounts of feelings like pride, bravery, adventure, love, and empathy shown by the characters. A love story or a family story always need not be about proposals and weddings but also a duty towards the country and exciting encounters. This book has all this! So why do you still wait? Go and grab your copy!

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What to expect from the story?

The book is the story of a girl and her life which is eventful and straightforward. After her parents’ demise, Ahana Lamba is raised by her Uncle and his wife. Her life in the U.K is freestyled, bold and courageous. Her friendship with Dana who has a similar background makes Ahana more connected to Dana. Together they undertake the laborious training and lead the special squad teams. There is so much action, adventure, and emotion.

Who can read?

Readers of any age can read the book. The book is extremely inspiring and gives a new perspective of a woman’s character in a fiction book. The story has also hidden secrets, compassion, empathy, valor, and inspiration. It is a perfect ala-carte of every emotion. The most important of belongingness to the country and patriotic attitude by the characters is striking. Well, stories with the Armed forces background is indeed inspiring.

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How good are the characters?

Ahana Lamba is the central character. There are other important characters like Ahana’s guardian parents, her friends, her fellow people, and another main character who is responsible for the twists and turns in the story, Amir.

Throughout the story, every character has depth in their characterization. When there are paratroop, jungle, desert, and other such action sequences, the amount of courage and strength the characters in the story, especially Ahana and her friend Dana show is worth mentioning.

How good is the narration?

This happens to be the best part of the book. The story is written in the first-person narrative, which makes the readers more leaned to the story. There is a chance for a fiction story is written in the first person will allure the readers so much that one in ten readers will indeed personify the central character or the character that narrates the story. The power of ‘I’ while reading makes the most of the magic. In this story, the narration is the focal point, and thus I recommend the book.


How good are the language and grammar?

The book has been written in colloquial English language with some terminology that belongs to the Special Forces. As the plot is simple and flowing, these new terms have given good weightage. Other than this, there is excellent grammar and nuanced vocabulary used in the book.

How good is the Author’s writing style?

This book by Chetna is a definite page-turner for many reasons. The Author’s writing skills in the book are very engaging. The story has the right amounts of valor, humor, power, and femininity. The character of Ahana Lamba is fascinating and intense.

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How entertaining is the book?

The first and foremost reason to call this book an entertainer is because the protagonist is a woman. Though there are books that showcase women as the central leads, a tragic past or emotional turmoil is the reason shown. The pain is always glorified to seek sympathy. But in this book, the protagonist is a female character, and she is an Indian Air Force Special Officer!

Final Verdict

Quite captivating and entertaining.