Book Review: Star Crossed Lovers in the Blue


Book Title: Star Crossed Lovers In The Blue: Love in the Time of Corona
Author: Rajesh Talwar
Format: Kindle

About the Book:

Star Crossed Lovers in the Blue is the story of Utir, a mermaid, and Arj, a merman who resides in the Nevada Sea. They meet by chance, fall in love, and begin loving each other deeply and passionately until Utir, the mermaid, ends up having an arranged marriage. The two lovers lead separate lives, beset with heartbreak, hardships, and trouble, for many years before they reencounter each other. And then a corona-like epidemic raises its head.

Star crossed Lovers in the blue by Rajesh Talwar Book Cover
Star-Crossed Lovers in the Blue Book Cover

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Will the two star crossed lovers be reunited? Will a cure eventually be discovered that will save the world’s most marvelous beings from dying?

About the Author:

Rajesh Talwar has written twenty-nine books, including novels, children’s books, plays, self-help books, and non-fiction books covering issues in social justice, culture, and law. His novels include Simran on aesthetics, and Inglistan, on cultural contrasts. An Afghan Winter and The Sentimental Terrorist explore the theme of terrorism. How to Kill a Billionaire reveals the workings of the Indian justice system.

From the Lips of the Goddess – Mata Vaishno Devi is on the sacred feminine.  Rajesh’s plays cover diverse contemporary themes and historical retellings. They include Inside Gayland, The Bride Who Would Not Burn, Conquest at Noon, The Killings in November, Kaash Kashmir, Aurangzeb: The Darkness in His Heart, Gandhi, Ambedkar, and the Four-Legged Scorpion, High Fidelity Transmission, and A Nuclear Matricide.

His non-fiction works include The Judiciary on Trial, Courting Injustice: The Nirbhaya Case and Its Aftermath, The Third Sex and Human Rights, The Vanishing of Subhash Bose, The Killing of Aarushi, and The Murder of Justice. Self-help books include How to Choose Your Lawyer and Win Your Case, Making Your Own Will, The Divorce Handbook, and Indian Laws of E-business.

His books for children include The Three Greens, The Bearded Prince, The Sleepless Beauty, Fabulous Four Battle Zoozoo, the Wizard, and Playwrights – A One-Act Play for Children on Human Rights. He has contributed to The Economic Times, The Guardian, The Pioneer, The Times of India NIE, Manushi, The Sunday Mail, and the New Indian Express. He is a sought-after speaker at Literary Festivals. Rajesh works as Deputy Legal Adviser to the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan.

Book Review:

Since the pandemic times have allowed writers, authors, and reading enthusiasts to explore and weave various stories that emerge out of the situations where life came to a standstill are enjoyable to read.  In this connection, books by many authors have been published, and it’s a beautiful thing most of the books are welcomed by amateur and seasoned readers.

But again, taking time to write and present the stories on such situations with incidents happening around that affect the psyche of any human is a challenge. On a personal front, I salute every writer and author for this!

Being an avid reader and reading across many genres often leaves me confused about picking up a book mainly meant for children or young readers. But all said, there lies the magic of imagination while reading children’s literature, and mostly if it is a fantasy adventure, there are no bounds!

In this book, Star Crossed Lovers In The Blue: Love in the Time of Corona, author Rajesh Talwar has given his readers a real feast.  This book is not for serious readers but for those readers who love fantasy fiction irrespective of age. The language, the imagined aqua world, the mermaids, the mermen, a romance between them, their plans for the future, etc., are so fascinating to read. To the young readers relating with the natural world around them is an essential aspect of story-telling.

The story is about Mermaid Utir and a Merman, Arj, and their love story. The story doesn’t end on this note but a great adventure in front. One day Arj goes on to the Sea surface to see the outer world and watch the sun. It is then he sees Utir, the mermaid, and falls in love with her. Coincidentally, Utir also falls for him. It was love at first sight. To give closure to their love story, they decide to get married.

But, as every love story has hindrances, Utir also faces family pressure and accepts the family’s decision to have an arranged marriage. After knowing about this sudden change in decisions, Arj is left heartbroken. He then decides to give his best, make his career go, and convince Utir to leave her husband and come back with him.

He was going to meet Utir and persuade her, but on his way to Cuba (Utir’s in-law’s place), he comes to know about a deadly virus, Anoroc, and he also gets infected with that fatal virus. What happens further is what the story is about.

With engrossing yet straightforward language and engaging narration, author Rajesh uses emotions against the situation mixed with ego. The story’s focal point, i.e. the virus and the pandemic situations, makes the book look so relatable and perfect an in-time read.  There are places in the book where a reader smiles, laughs, feels sorry, and thinks and ponders over some issues in the real world.

Creating such a world with real-time problems that humans face is a great attempt. This is my second book from the author, and I wish to read more of his works.

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