Book Review: The Force Behind the Forces: Stories of Brave Indian Army Wives


Book Title: The Force Behind the Forces: Stories of Brave Indian Army Wives

Author: Swapnil Pandey

Format: Kindle

Published By: Penguin Randomhouse

ASIN & Edition: B09KS1TQBY & First

Genre: Non-fiction

No.of pages: 223

Rating: 5/5

About the Book:

The Force Behind the Forces: Stories of Brave Indian Army Wives
The Force Behind the Forces: Stories of Brave Indian Army Wives

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The Force Behind the Forces is a collection of seven true stories of eternal love, courage, and sacrifice. Written by an Indian army officer’s wife, Swapnil Pandey, this book brings to light moving stories of unimaginable valor in the face of broken dreams, lost hopes, and shattered families. It proves that bullets and bombs can only pierce the bodies of our soldiers, for their stories will live on in the hearts of these brave women forever, women who have dedicated their lives to the nation, without even a uniform to call their own.

About the Author

Swapnil Pandey is the bestselling author of Soldier’s Girl and Love Story of a Commando. Both her works of fiction emphasize the emotions of a soldier and have been a rage among youngsters. She is also a star blogger with an audience base reaching up to lakhs of people.

Apart from blogging professionally for various brands, she also loves compiling stories about life in the Indian military. Since lockdown 2020, she has also started producing motivational and informational videos to add value to the lives of her audiences. These videos have created a huge impact among the masses and have been pivotal in raising various social issues surrounding military families. The effortless portrayal of military life comes from her Fauji background.

She married into the tribe thirteen years ago, and her nomadic life in army cantonments all across the country amongst extraordinary men and women has pushed her to come up with the most extraordinary stories. She believes a nation must look after the well-being of its soldiers and their families and honor their memories.

The Force Behind the Forces is her humble attempt to provide the most authentic glimpse of the coveted Indian army life and of the struggles, military families face to common people. Swapnil is also an alumnus of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, and has worked with organizations like Wipro, HDFC, taught at Lovely Professional University, and even the Army Public School to name a few of her ever-changing job profiles as the wife of an army officer.

What to expect:

  • Expect a book that gives an account of those stories which take us on an emotional ride.
  • Expect a book that talks about the bravery of the women behind every soldier.
  • Expect a book that gives chills in understanding the families’ pain and sacrifice.
  • Expect a book that will question one’s mind towards life.

Who can read:

This book is to be read by everyone irrespective of age and everything else. The language used is acceptable by everyone, and thus readers of age can read this. This book is recommended to all the young kids to teach them the amount of sacrifice(s) our soldiers and their families carry out at the borders and remote places for our safe lives.

Book Review:

This book by Swapnil Pandey is based on real-life stories from the Indian Army. The book attempts to highlight the extraordinary lives of the wives of the killed soldiers. I had an opportunity to read books on wars and soldiers from all over the world and our country. But, this book feels so personal and close to heart as we get to listen to real people’s real struggles and emotions.

The book has seven stories, each of which is celestial in its way. Each story tends to inspire future generations. How the author has presented the veer naris’ stories is indeed stupendous. Every woman showcased the valor, courage, and strength that is ever inspiring. The unbiased and selfless women and families who give the country the bravest people to safeguard the citizens is an act of extreme bravery. The women of the soldiers’ households are as bold as the soldiers on the borders.

Reading each story gave me a space to think, ponder and question my responsibility as a citizen. This is a must-read and definite recommendation to all, especially the youngsters.

Writing Style:

The book starts with an emotional dedication to all the women, aka Veer Naris. Each line in the book is an assurance to those Veer Naris that in the process of finding strength in themselves, after facing the terrible situations, they indirectly inspire the people.

Each story in the seven stories presented in the book will surely take every reader on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Reading real stories and the nostalgia with which the author has written is touching. The words used to describe certain sequences and incidents are so heartwarming.

Grammar & Vocabulary:

Simple words and clear language are used in the book. As shown in the cover image, so much action and feelings, in the same manner, the author’s writing doesn’t anywhere compromise in touching the inner core of every person and feeling compassionate as the book focuses mainly on the extraordinary and also heart-wrenching journey of our soldiers who are killed in action and the brave Indian Army wives who have suffered the most significant loss of their lives. Author Swapnil, herself being an army officer’s wife, her writing is more profound.

What did I like:

1. The real stories mentioned in the book.

2. The emotional turmoil is explained in a language that is so very touching.

3. A book that stands apart from many books on the Army and soldiers.

4. The sacrifice and loss that every wife had to face are described in a humane way.

What could have been better:

As a person who cannot do more than pray for those women, I can do this at least. There is no scope of pointing out anything. The book is a must-read without any prejudice. Nothing could have been better, and thus this section remains obsolete.

Entertainment quotient:

The book is written by a woman, an Indian Army wife who got into the tribe for a decade and more. No one else other than the author could have been a perfect person to pen the book, as she is more close to the lives of the soldiers and their families, especially women and wives. This is one of the must-read books that a person shall read in his lifetime. It has everything that a fiction story gives us. It has drama, action, romance, emotion, and gritty incidents. The only difference is that these are all taken from real lives and placed in this non-fiction book.

Pick it if:

  • you like to read non-fiction books based on real lives
  • you like to understand the lives on a different level
  • you want to express your gratitude to the soldiers and their wives

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