Book Review: The Girl in the Glass Case by Devashish Sardana


Book Title: The Girl In The Glass Case

Author: Devashish Sardana

Format: Kindle

Published By: Ebury Press

ASIN & Edition: B09PN5R9F4 & 1st

Genre: Fiction

No.of pages: 310

Rating: 3/5

About the Book:

The Girl in the Glass Case is a jaw-dropping psychological crime thriller. Suppose you like determined heroines, nail-biting twists, and chilling serial murderers. This is an exceptional psychological thriller by author Devashish Sardana.

The Girl in the Glass Case by Devashish Sardana
The Girl in the Glass Case by Devashish Sardana

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The plot revolves around Simone Singh, assistant superintendent of police who has come back to work after a few days of suspension, and the mission is to catch the “The Dollmaker”.

About the Author:

Devashish Sardana is the author of the No.1 Amazon Bestseller, The Apple, which won 2nd Prize (out of 5000+ books) in the Amazon India Pen-to-Publish Literary Award 2019. He is also the acclaimed writer of 10×10 Thrills, a Facebook and Instagram blog where he writes 100 Word Thrillers for his fast-growing community of 150,000+ followers.

Devashish Sardana
Devashish Sardana

Devashish is a small-town boy from India who grew up with big dreams and an even bigger imagination. After graduating from IIM Ahmedabad, he sharpened his storytelling skills as a senior brand builder in a Fortune 100 company for 9+ years.

Devashish lives in Singapore with his wife and college sweetheart, Megha. He currently flits across the globe selling hope in a jar (beauty creams).

What to Expect:

  • Expect an exciting murder mystery
  • Expect a spine-chilling story that involves serial murders and murderers
  • Expect a crime thriller that races against all odds of virtues

Who Can Read:

The book is strictly for those readers who can digest severe crime. Though there is gore in the story, many crime is intrinsically detailed narration is found. On the other hand, the book is a definite feast for all thriller lovers.

How is the Narration:

The narration is gripping and engaging. The elaborate and detailed descriptions make the story readable. The story can be divided into two parts. The story’s first-half runs like a roller-coaster where Simone and Zoya try to pick clues to catch The Dollmaker. The second half becomes more of a psychological thriller where the psyche and life of the serial killers. This is where the readers will understand why they attempted these murders.

About the Characters:

The characters in this book are all strong, deep, and intense. There are man characters apart from the central characters. Each character has its scope and strength in the story. Each character has a story in itself. The characters of Simone and Zoa will definitely entice the readers.

Writing Style:

To make the readers hooked on the story is a big task. Here, author Devashish has done an interesting job. With excellent and exciting writing, the story moves at a somewhat faster pace. The story touches on many sensitive and taboo topics, be it kidnaps or gender discrimination, mental health, or trauma. All these are described insensible and understandable language.

Grammar & Vocabulary:

Simple yet effective language with adequate vocabulary is used in the book. The author has also impressed his readers with good writing and language in his previous books.

What Did I Like:

1. The plot

2. The mystery and its retaining

3. The characters and their backstories

What Could Have Been Better

There are some places where gender issues are kind of stereotyped though LGBTQ+ issues are discussed. This could have been avoided.

Entertainment Quotient

The Girl In The Glass Case is overall a well-written psychological crime thriller. It has all those elements to make it an unputdownable read. Therefore, this book by author Devashish Sardana is a perfect entertainer but must be read with caution!

Pick it if:

  • You like crime mysteries
  • You want fast-paced psychological stories

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