Book Review – The Intelligence Trap by David Robinson


Book Title: The Intelligence Trap
Author: David Robson

Book Title:

The title of the book ‘The Intelligence Trap’ is very different and interesting

Book Cover:

The cover image of the book is a simple plain colored turquoise cover with the title in yellow.

Inside the book:

In this debut book, the writer Robson examines the “flawed mental habits” of people with “greater intelligence, education, and professional expertise”—and how they can learn to “think more wisely.” The book talks about human stupidity; which hides in secret areas behind veils of pseudo or incomplete intelligence. It appears as if total stupidity is constant and when it is reduced in one cognitive field it can grow in other areas.

The Intelligence Trap by David Robson

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The Intelligence Trap was quite a different sort of book. It is definitely not at all the normally available self-help. This is very informative and there are some interesting things to learn and know. However, at one point during reading the book felt slow-paced and kind of fell flat. On the other hand, the second part becomes more interesting in comparison with various examples put in.

Overall the book is a typically designed yet different genre book to understand the psyche of a human mind.

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What I like:
1. The concepts explained
2. The take on the human mind and behavior related to psychology
3. It talks about many important things such as the importance of the productive struggle, mindfulness, biases and etc

What I didn’t like:
Though an interesting read, too much information makes the book a little slow-paced and boring in some places.

My Final Rating: