Book Review The Mantra and Meaning of Success by Rajesh Talwar

Book Title: The Mantra and Meaning of Success

Author: Rajesh Talwar

Format: Kindle

Published By: Bridging Borders

ASIN & Edition: B09MWKX9CR & 1st

Genre: Non-fiction

No.of pages: 267

Rating: 3/5

About the Book:

This is not the usual kind of book on success. As well as telling you how to be successful, it discusses the true meaning of success itself. Important lessons are drawn from the lives of successful businessmen, innovators, writers, actors, artists, and billionaires.

The Mantra and Meaning of Success by Rajesh Talwar
The Mantra and Meaning of Success by Rajesh Talwar

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The Mantra and Meaning of Success will shock and surprise and ask questions that will challenge and provoke. To be read by men and women of all ages will also be helpful for those who are already successful, for it will tell them how to retain that success, handle it, and be yet more successful. Youngsters and their parents and teachers will gain valuable insights into the often-tortured path to success.

About the Author:

Rajesh Talwar has written twenty-nine books, including novels, children’s books, plays, self-help books, and non-fiction books covering issues in social justice, culture, and law. His non-fiction works include The Judiciary on Trial, Courting Injustice: The Nirbhaya Case and Its Aftermath, The Third Sex and Human Rights, The Vanishing of Subhash Bose, and The Killing of Aarushi and the Murder of Justice. Self-help books include How to Choose Your Lawyer and Win Your Case, Making Your Own Will, The Divorce Handbook, and Indian Laws of E-business.

His books for children include The Three Greens, The Bearded Prince, The Sleepless Beauty, Fabulous Four Battle Zoozoo, the Wizard, and Playwrights- A One-Act Play for Children on Human Rights.

Rajesh Talwar
Rajesh Talwar

He has contributed to The Economic Times, The Guardian, The Pioneer, The Times of India NIE, Manushi, The Sunday Mail, and the New Indian Express. He is a sought-after speaker at Literary Festivals. Rajesh works as Deputy Legal Adviser to the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan.

What to Expect:

  • Expect a book that looks so different, as said from the known self-help books.
  • Expect a book that caters to all readers irrespective of age.
  • Expect a book that will imbibe some simple yet needed positive affirmations.

Who Can Read:

As the blurb says, this book is for everyone! The book gives its readers a clear-cut idea of defining what success is and the pathway to get through it. With all the nuances needed, this book will please every reader. Depending upon the experience, the reader has a chance to absorb the required.

My Thoughts:

This is one of the self-help books out of many books available on the market around. The book mainly focuses on success and then the concept of self-confidence. The book also talks about various ways to tackle and achieve goals in life, success building, life management techniques, and a positive approach toward life. This book stands away from the other books due to its straightforward process towards all the qualities mentioned above.

The whole book just stresses positivity, belief, will, power and hope. Techniques to achieve success are being explained very effectively. The book’s flow is as easy as drinking water with simple language and great vocabulary. The book also has anecdotes, examples, and verses by eminent leaders, speakers, and other great people worldwide.

Writing Style:

Author Rajesh Talwar’s writing is always engaging and straightforward. I have had an opportunity to read his other books. It’s not relatively easy often to switch between the genres. But, Rajesh has proven that it can be tackled with tremendous and quintessential writing. Therefore I think this book is also as good as his other books.

Grammar & Vocabulary:

Simple and easy language with the required amount of vocabulary is used in the book. This will help the beginner or young readers along with others to flow through the topics in the book hassle-free.

Entertainment Quotient:

Overall, this book – ‘The Mantra and Meaning of Success‘ by author Rajesh Talwar is a book that will provide its readers with the proper way to plan and reach success.

In this exciting book, the author takes every effort to uncover the valuable and vital Mantras necessary that everyone must follow, master, and implement. These mantras will surely give some indispensable results. It is a known fact that success is always not about the materialistic things acquired, but understanding oneself is also success.

Hence, this book is different because it does not tell us about the various ways through which we can be successful. This is not a spiritual book but a book that makes you understand the potential and achieve success. Thus, an entertainer.

Pick it if:

  • You like self-help books.
  • You want to read motivational books.

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