Book Review – The Mogul by Vish Dhamija

Book Title: The Mogul
Author: Vish Dhamija
Genre: Thriller/Fiction

Book Title:
The title ‘ The Mogul ‘ is unique and interesting. Based on the author’s previous work, it’s not very hard to guess that this book might be a political thriller.

Book Cover:
The cover is a beautiful image of a man seeing the bird’s eye view of the city from a window. The author’s name and the title are embossed and it feels quite good when the reader actually feels it.


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The story starts with the news of the murder of a couple, where the murdered woman happens to the ex-wife of the protagonist.  Prem Bedi, the protagonist, a rich businessman is all set to finalize a business deal in the country of Korea and as he set to travel, the news of the murder comes to his notice. He without any hesitation visits the place of the murder and thereon lands himself into a trap of false claim, that he killed the couple.

The next sequences of interrogation, case filing, courtroom sequences are found to be very interesting. The author has managed great with ample effort to maintain the mystery and the suspense. What really happened? Who killed the couple? Why was Prem being framed? To know the answers, please read the book.

What I like:
1. The storyline
2. The narration in the first person
3. The courtroom scenes
4. Many interesting twists and turns
5. The mystery throughout the story has sustained.

What I didn’t like:
I could identify a few words that are not really a part of the actual English Vocabulary, but they have evolved during conversations among the people. If these words have not been included, it would have been much better.

Every character in the story seemed to be pretty interesting and gave a feeling like watching a visual -fiction thriller.

The beautiful narration in the first person is a definite hook point where the reader doesn’t lose interest in reading the story.

Language & Grammar:
Fine language and good grammar are sued, with few glitches.

My Final Verdict:

A thrilling read from our own John Grisham!

Book Title: 3/5
Book Cover: 3/5
Plot: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Narration: 3/5
Language & Grammar: 3/5

Final Rating: 3/5

The Mogul by Vish Dhamija was reviewed by Swapna Peri in the September 2018 Issuu of the Storizen Magazine.