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Book Title: Uncle Pai, A Biography

Author: Rajessh M Iyer

Format: Kindle

Published By: Fingerprint! Publishing

ISBN & Edition: 9354402895, First

No. of pages: 344

Rating: 5/5

About the Book:

Do you want to go back to your childhood memories? There are three decades of storytelling, over six hundred comic books, an extremely successful children’s monthly magazine, and millions of readers In India spanning at least four generations… This is the legacy of Uncle Pai, and this is the story of the man often referred to as “India’s master storyteller”. Children growing up in the India of the 1970s, 1980s, and the 1990s, had one common factor uniting them—their lovely association with Amar Chitra Katha.

They bought copies, exchanged them, bound them in sets to proudly display to everyone… And, even flicked them from friends if they didn’t own a particular issue! Growing up reading his creations was an essential rite of passage that escaped no one. And all this fun, frenzy, and madness was thanks to the epoch-making vision of one man: Anant Pai.

Uncle Pai, a Biography
Uncle Pai, A Biography

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From a small village in Karnataka to Mumbai, Anant Pai’s journey and vision, which eventually touched countless lives across many generations, is as interesting as the books he created.

Filled with little-known stories from the creation of these epochal brands, Uncle Pai by Rajessh M Iyer chalks his journey and serves as a testimony of the man’s indomitable spirit that helped millions across India get to know their cultural roots. Little wonder then that we too, like innumerable children, acknowledge his contribution by saying: Thank you, Uncle Pai.

About the Author:

A media professional for over two decades, Rajessh M Iyer is a storyteller and has been a part of many media houses, notable being Magna Publications, Macmillan India, and Amar Chitra Katha Pvt. Ltd., in various capacities like Chief Editor, Creative Head, and CEO.

He is the author of two books for children: Nanha Natkhat: Tales of Little Krishna and Valiant Warriors. He has also authored five novels: the Amazon India #1 bestseller, Evading the Shadows, a fictional spy thriller set during the Mahabharata; Hari and Friends—A Holi Adventure, a nostalgic, coming-of-age story set in India of the ’80s; Spinner of the Twisted Tale, a wondrous story of a storyteller’s life; Karmic Souls, a love story amidst spiritual awakening; and Mind Whisperer, a fictional retelling of the last four days in the life of Karna during the Mahabharata War. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, son, and father. For more details on the author, please visit his website:

What to expect:

  • Expect a book that will take you down the memory lane.
  • Expect a story of a master who carved every child’s creative mind for almost three decades.
  • Expect a biography that illustrates unknown and lesser-known things about the creative mastermind.
  • Expect a book that gives an account of Uncle Pai’s contribution to the comic world in India.

Who can Read:

Biographies are well-written for everyone to read. And this book by author Rajessh will take you back to your childhood memories. This biography is about a person who is not just known as a great human but also the creator. In this book, Uncle Pai’s hand in creating magical adventures with his characters and illustrations for many years is pov. This book by Rajessh is truly for everyone who can or cannot associate with Uncle Pai.

Book Review:

The kids of the 90s are the luckiest! They had Uncle Pai with them. He was and is instrumental when it comes to the field of comics. He brought out some of the best comics through Indrajaal Comics and, most importantly, the one behind the launch of ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ and ‘Tinkle’. You are surely going back to your childhood memories

The book also gives the readers an idea of Uncle Pai’s challenges. Reading this book bring back your childhood memories and was a great experience. It is nostalgic and emotional. 

Grammar & Vocabulary:

The language and the narration of Uncle Pai’s life behind and before the birth of Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, and many other books is presented in a creative and colorful manner. The cover itself is a true tribute to the person whose caricature is bright like his ever smiling face. The grammar, simple vocabulary make the book an easy read.

Writing Style:

Author Rajessh himself is a creative person, and a storyteller who has carved an interesting life story of the ever loved Uncle Pai in this book. His writing style is as attractive as the illustrations found in the comics.

He has beautifully combined his creative imagination with Uncle Pai’s with his writing prowess. The book contains some photographs which heighten the excitement.

Entertainment Quotient:

The book is definitely entertaining in terms of writing, fact speaking, and presentation.

Pick it if:

You like to read biographies.

You are interested in knowing the facts and history.

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