Book Review – VIRAT: The Making of a Champion


Book Title: VIRAT: The Making of a Champion

Author: Neeraj Jha & Vidhanshu Kumar

Format: Paperback

Book Title:

The title of the book is ‘VIRAT: The Making of a Champion’

Book Cover:

The cover of the book is a digital image of the cricketer Virat Kohli

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A teenager who dreamt to be a cricketer is now the captain of the Indian Cricket team. His tremendous journey will inspire each and everyone and leave them with a great feeling of inspiration.

Though the journey was tough and inflexible, he managed to overcome the obstacles and headed to the most prestigious position that one could ever imagine. His passion for cricket made him one of the iconic figures of the Indian cricket team. The runs he makes and the strokes he takes will drive his fans crazy. He bagged numerous awards and titles for being an extraordinary player.

How Virat Kohli achieved his dreams? What obstacles did he cross in the journey of cricket? Well, read this interesting book ’VIRAT: The Making of a Champion’ by NeerajJha&Vidhanshu Kumar.` 

What I like:

The narration was good and the events in his life are presented beautifully.

The struggle and the pain which Virat took throughout his journey will inspire the readers.

 What I didn’t like:

There are no negative points as such and the reader will find the book interesting and narration is done in a good way which will let the readers complete the book at one go.


The narration is done in a good way and it could be more interesting and enthusiastic.

Language & Grammar:

A clear language with neat and uncomplicated grammar is used in the book

My Final Verdict:

A story of a cricketer who struggled to be in the Indian cricket team and achieved the captaincy within very less time and led the whole team in a beautiful way.

Book Title: 3/5

Book Cover:3/5

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 3/5

Narration: 3/5

Language & Grammar: 3/5 Final Rating: 3/5

The Review was first published in Storizen Magazine October 2019 Issue.