Book Title: Wall of Clocks
Author: Madhulika Ra Chauhan
Format: Kindle

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘Wall of Clocks‘ is unique and mysterious.

Book Cover:
The cover of the book is a bright picture of analog clocks with a yellow background.


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My review:
A story of a woman’s heart, mind, and withered soul.
A story of a woman’s dream, desire, and future plans.
A man’s story of repentance and realization.
A man’s story of contentment and simplicity.

What I like:What I didn’t like:
1. The mysteryThere is nothing to dislike
2. A woman’s pain
3. A man’s realization
4. The very mention of the city of Hyderabad and Secunderabad,
that happens to be my native
5. Devlina’s innocence and simple life

There are four characters in the story. Each character has its own existence and scope in the story. Every character is well crafted with an agreeable amount of strength in the given span and space.

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Author Madhulika is a con artist in narrating a story in fewer words. The story, its craft and intention is woven in an interesting tale.  There is love, there is pain, there is grief, there is romance, there is passion, there is admiration, there is vengeance, there is anger, there is a mystery, and there is also a tradition. All these emotions and feelings are explained in a 9-page story!

Language & Grammar:
Easy language and good vocabulary are used in the story. This is my third story of the author Madhulika, and as always her writing and the language used is one of the best.

My Final Verdict:
A story with an interesting twist!

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My Rating:

Book Title: 3/5
Book Cover: 3/5
Inside the book: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Narration: 3/5
Language &Grammar: 3/5
Final Rating: 3/5

(Reviewed for Storizen Magazine by Swapna Peri)

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