Book Review: When the Wildflowers Bloom


Book Title: When the Wildflowers Bloom

Author: Rupa Bhullar

Format: Kindle

Published By: Rupa Publications

ASIN & Edition: B08WZCBGYB & First

Genre: Fiction

No.of pages: 262

Rating: 3/5

About the Book:

Don’t try to predict life; try to explore it instead. Even the roughest, most crooked trails can sometimes lead to magnificent places. After suffering public humiliation at the hands of her husband on what would have otherwise been a memorable evening, Tara Grewal, a homemaker, and mother of two, finds herself thrust onto a crossroads.

When the Wildflowers Bloom book cover
When the Wildflowers Bloom Book Cover

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She cannot readily go back to the life she once knew, nor can she move forward without a career or life skills to sustain her. As she transitions from questioning her choices to surrendering to the flow of life, a strange journey leads her to her grandmother’s village in Punjab. Amid the simple joys of rural life and heart-wrenching struggles of daily survival, Tara unknowingly kindles a spark of hope. A hope that eventually lights her fire.

As she casts off the reins of the predictable and embraces change, Tara unravels her fears and motivations, reaffirming her belief in what she knew to be true—about people, about life, about relationships, and most importantly, about love. In her challenges, she finds her strength. In her escape, she finds her home.

Poignant, insightful, and deeply relatable, When the Wildflowers Bloom weaves together the complexities of human emotions and societal norms with beauty, sensitivity, and unfailing optimism.

About the Author:

Rupa Bhullar is a US-based Indian author. Her debut novel, The Indigo Sun, featured in several bestseller lists. She also serves as a Senior Corporate Executive in the FinTech industry. In 2015, she co-founded a non-profit dedicated to developing rural education and infrastructure in India. Rupa spent her childhood in Chandigarh and now lives in New Jersey with her husband, two sons, and a golden retriever named Junior.

Book Review:

This book by Rupa Bhullar has a story that reflects life, emotions, and relatable feelings; the book is a one-time read. Coming to the story, Tara Grewal, a homemaker and a mother of two kids, is the story’s protagonist. The story starts with nostalgia and a party. Her thoughts go back to the times when she was sixteen.

Then the readers also meet her friends Balvinder, Mala, and Meeta. The sequences with them showcase their support towards Tara. Once into wedlock, she faces the harsh realities of life. Life was dry, and her husband’s abusive behavior made her rethink her life choices. The common plight of women in Indian society is quite well shown in the book. It is generally a mix-up of the patriarchy, culture, and obsolete beliefs.

The writing style of the author is quite touching and emotional. The vocabulary used in the story is fine. There is a mix and match of the Hindi and English languages that sometimes could alienate the readers from the story.

There are some places where the author included certain cultural aspects of the Punjabi lifestyle. Too many and lengthy conversations were testing waters. Apart from these, the story is a good one-time read.

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