Book Review: Xianqui by Raghu Srinivasan

Gear-up your sleeves to read the most exciting Geo-Political thriller from an Indian Author!


Book Title: Xianqui
Author: Raghu Srinivasan
Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:
A page-turner is an inappropriate word to describe the excitement a reader gets once completing the book. This thriller opens with a bang of the current time span and oscillates with historical references. The story takes a world tour to many countries where the readers meet new characters. The story is inherently crafted with military action sequences and thrilling spy adventures. The unbiased portrayal of women in uniform stands as one of the highlights. There is science, there is action, there is evilness, there is adult material involved, there is emotion and there is a duty! With many sub-plots that happen in many terrains of the land, this book by Raghu Srinivasan happens to be the second book and is a great treat to the readers who love action and fast thrillers.

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What to expect from the story?
Expect a spy thriller set in many countries.
Expect an action-packed espionage story.
Expect an interesting undercover operation story that deals with cross border politics, bio-wars and terrain fights.
Expect a  story that refers to ancient and forgotten history and heritage in every land the story travels to.

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Who can read?
The book is recommended for adults as there are certain matured elements. The young readers who are comfortable to read the erotic spy type adventure stories can also pick up the book.

How good are the characters?
For any story to please and attract the readers, the story’s characters are probably the most important part. In this book, without a regular structure of a central character and many characters attached to it, there is a great character introduced at every part of the book, which is one of the exciting things in this book. As the story takes off on an exciting gradient of the plot, the characters take the story forward. With excellent and strong characterization, every character within the limits of narration and plot has created an impact in this book. Though there is a length introduction found for every character, it all got sufficed when the character’s scope appended it to the thrill element in the story. The character of Anjali Roy and Bratva excited me the most.

How good is the narration?
Xianqui is a book whose plot is more important and exciting than the narration. As the plot is somewhat tight-knit, the wonderful stream of characters that are not too easy and not to complex with powerful and racy narration with so much mystery – this book is weighed more on the characters than the narration. But all said and done; the plot is narrated aligning with the plot’s complexity, there are no dull or over-burdened moments in the story. In this 410 and odd pages book, there is so much to be excited.

How good are the language and grammar?
Xianqui by Raghu Srinivasan is written in a colloquial yet interesting language. The spy sequences and the historical references used in the story are written in an alluring language. The names of the places mentioned in the story or the character names related to the place where the story is moving and happening are interesting. Apart from the language, the grammatical elements used in the story are rich and error-free.

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How good is the Author’s writing style?
Adhering to what the blurb says, this book Xianqui is an intriguing mystery thriller set-up in India and is threaded to other countries like China, Tokyo, East Africa, Tibet, etc. The Author well balances the story’s set-up and the characters. Written in easily accessible and understandable language, Author Raghu Srinivasan has a woven great story with his excellent Army background. As the story progresses, the introduction of new characters and their involvement in the story has a great and positive impact on the story. The way things change, mysteries and secrets are revealed makes the book an interesting one. It is indeed a perfect movie story, and I hope the Author one day considers it.

How entertaining is the book?
Now that the US presidential election 2020 and Capitol Hill’s recent events have a great reference when reading this book. Also, the mere diplomatic fight against China’s country is definitely an engaging read. There is a mystery, it is a thriller, there is espionage, and there is an emotion. There is also

Final Verdict
Gear-up your sleeves to read the most exciting Geo-Political thriller from an Indian Author!


(Reviewed by Swapna peri)

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