Book Review: ‘Boom Times for the End of the World’ by Scott Timberg

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Book Title: Boom Times for the End of the World
Author: Scott Timberg
Publisher: Hachette India
Number of Pages: 312
ISBN: 978-9357315135
Date Published: Mar. 11, 2024
Price: INR 454

Boom Times for the End of the World by Scott Timberg Book Cover

Book Review

Boom Times for the End of the World” is a moving assessment of the status of the arts in modern society as well as a monument to Scott Timberg’s lasting influence. His insightful and fervent writing provides an invaluable window into the cultural transformations that have taken place in Los Angeles and other places. Through the perspective of one of society’s most devoted chroniclers, this anthology provides invaluable insight into the intricate interactions between culture, economy, and society.

Timberg’s writing reflects his background and passion for the media. After growing up in Maryland and Palo Alto, he attended Wesleyan University and the University of North Carolina to pursue a journalism degree before moving to Los Angeles in the 1990s. His enthusiasm for the “culture business” inspired him to write about a wide variety of subjects, such as Ray Bradbury’s writings and the legacy of pianist Glenn Gould. Not only does this book demonstrate his dedication to his craft, but it also demonstrates his affection for Los Angeles, which he called his “misread city.”

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Boom Times for the End of the World” is a collection of articles by journalist Timberg that explores Los Angeles society from the early 2000s to the post-2008 financial crisis. The book investigates the Great Recession’s influence on the arts and culture landscape, with an emphasis on the issues that the creative class faces in a constantly changing society. Timberg’s ability to collect memorable quotes and unique profiles demonstrates his journalistic skills and passion for the subjects he covers.

Boom Times for the End of the World” is a tribute to Scott Timberg’s enduring influence and a thinkable appraisal of the state of the arts in contemporary society. His passionate and perceptive writing offers a priceless window into the cultural shifts that have occurred in Los Angeles and other locations. This collection sheds light on the complex relationships between culture, economy, and society from the viewpoint of one of its most dedicated chroniclers.

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