Boy, Bear


Book Title: Boy, Bear

Author: Adithi Rao & Aaryama Somayaji

Format: Paperback

About the Authors:

Adithi writes books, film scripts, and plays. Her YA novel, Candid Tales: India on a Motorcycle, made it to the Parag Honour List 2021. Her short stories and feature articles have appeared in American literary journals and anthologies by leading Indian publishing houses. You can find her at

Aaryama Somayaji studied Communication Design at the National Institute of Design, Vijayawada. She draws to survive, reads for herself, and eats to stay happy. Illustrating for children is her way of giving back the joy she had as a child. She lives in Delhi with her sibling and parents, much to their collective chagrin.

About the Book:

Boy, Bear

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Boy, Bear has grown up together on the streets of Mumbai. Baba is a madari. But now that Baba is gone, how are Boy and Bear to survive? The Hook Book series of short, simple stories for beginning readers come with fun stories set in different parts of India, gorgeous illustrations, and quick exercises to enhance the reading experience.

My Review:

I wanted to read children’s books that are easy, sweet, yet thoughtful from some days. Penguin Publishers – Duckbill group, has sent a few books to review as I checked for such books. Tadaaaa…Coincidence! As soon as the books arrived, I could not wait finished reading.

This book has changed my perception of Children’s books. I always had in mind that fantasy fiction or books like Hardy Boys only comprise Children’s Literature. This 40-page book by Adithi Rao is a story about a Madari family in Mumbai. It gave me an insight into how to win bread. These people work hard. The boy is left clueless when his Baba is gone with two bears with him.

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Often dogs or cats or some other animals are shown as pets, and their unconditional love towards the people who rear is written. Here, the mighty Bear offers the boy help. Though the story separates the boy and the Bear, it ends with the happy news that the boy is enrolled in a school.


There are many things that one can think about while reading Boy, Bear. Though I never accept having pets at home because I am against the children being separated from their parents, many people have pets and take good care. The social condition of the mentioned family where kids don’t go to school shows the economic crisis. Apart from the story, the illustrations are attractive and colorful. Kudos to the duo for this book.

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