Book Review: Braving a Viral Storm by Aashish Chandorkar and Suraj Sudhir


Book Title: Braving a Viral Storm: India’s Covid-19 Vaccine Story
Aashish Chandorkar and Suraj Sudhir    
Published By:
Rupa Publications

Book Review
To combat the COVID-19 pandemic, India implemented measures such as state-wide lockdowns, increased healthcare infrastructure, increased vaccine manufacturing and distribution, and enforced health regulations like mask use and social separation. Furthermore, the government also sponsored several public awareness efforts to educate the people on the need to adhere to these policies.

Braving a Viral Storm by Aashish Chandorkar and Suraj Sudhir
Braving a Viral Storm by Aashish Chandorkar and Suraj Sudhir

The Indian business sector also played an essential part in the pandemic response, with various enterprises producing and supplying critical medical equipment, vaccinations, and other supplies. In connection to this, Braving a Viral Storm: India’s Covid-19 Vaccine Story – book tends to reflect on the worldwide health crisis suffered worldwide, entailing effects that no one will ever forget.

With great insights and honest writing, the book accurately depicts India’s consistent effort in the immunization program. Furthermore, the book examines crucial processes such as, but not limited to, social and economic situations.

The authors detail how the government machinery moved into immediate action mode as early as March 2020. With the formation of a task force, pushing for vaccine development on a national level, watching over events on a global scale (including publishing daily data on vaccine supplies and vaccinations performed), etc., the book covers every detail.

It was interesting to read the thorough analysis of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, which describes how India resisted pressure from multinational pharmaceutical companies, those companies’ domestic lobbyists, and worldwide amplifiers.

This book by authors – Aashish Chandorkar and Suraj Sudhir is a beautiful portrayal of a challenging period in Indian history and how national leaders and businesses banded together to save the country from a big disaster. A faultless implementation of the vaccinations on a never-before-seen scale augmented the leadership and technical abilities. As a result, the book is a must-read for those looking for a good book on the evolving Indian healthcare system

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