Book Review: C: A Novel by Anupama Raju


Book Title: C: A Novel   

Author: Anupama Raju

Format: Kindle

Published By: Aleph Book Company

No. of pages: 248

Book Review

C: A Novel by Anupama Raju
C: A Novel by Anupama Raju

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Abstract literature is one of the beautiful forms that are enigmatic and fantastic. In this book, C: A Novel by Anupama Raju, the debut book deals with abstractness to the fullest with life and color.

In an interview, Author Anupama Raju explained why she chose not to reveal the name of the protagonist, the city the protagonist goes to, or the city she is from. Also, the book’s title does not reveal much about the theme. That explanation intrigued me to pick up the book, so I read it.

I recommend this book!

What to Expect

  • Expect a different story with beautiful characters.
  • Expect a story that has sense, sensibility, and strength.
  • Expect a story having a great combo of thoughtful verses and impeccable tales.

Who Can Read

This book is for those readers who love reading modern experimental literature. The beginner-level readers may find it even more enjoyable.

Grammar & Vocabulary

Interesting language, simple grammar constructs, and comforting vocabulary are found in the book.

Writing Style

The writing in this book is unique, as stated above, for two reasons:
1. The tone
2. The narration

What Did I Like

1. The language.
2. The story-telling.
3. The emotions, feelings, trauma, and unanswered things in life are being addressed thoughtfully.
4. The darkness that a human mind holds and its adamant nature to accept reality is comprehended well.

What Could Have Been Better?

The book is perfect in every sense—a highly recommended book for the readers to enjoy some quality content with a pinch of harshness.

Entertainment Quotient

A perfect entertainer in every aspect!

Pick it if

  • You like different story-telling patterns.
  • You like women’s emotional-centric stories.

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