Book Review: Calcutta on Your Plate by Nilosree Biswas

The tasty bites from the city of joy - Calcutta


Book Title: Calcutta on Your Plate
Author: Nilosree Biswas
Published by: Rupa Publications

Calcutta on Your Plate by Nilosree Biswas

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Book Review
There are several ways to connect to a place, country, and people. But one of the most important ways is ‘ the perfect food’. It so happens that when one thinks of a vacation or a trip, checking out the famous eating places or food items or the authentic food of that place is an important task.

This book by author Nilosree Biswas is about the history and tradition behind the famous foods of the land of art and culture, the city of joy – Calcutta. The title is self-explanatory but the details in the book are enriching and extremely informative.

Isn’t it true that the mouth will surely drool looking and smelling the juicy and soft Roshogullas? The little earthen pots of Mishti Doi are as beautiful as the sweet dish.

This book, Calcutta on Your Plate explores Bengali cuisine, from savory desserts to quintessential fish curry with plain rice or aar. There is art, science, and psychology behind the preparation of every good dish. Indian food is famous across the globe and it is to be accepted with a whole honest heart that we look out for an Indian restaurant in foreign lands.

Likewise, people from every State look for authentic food available in the non-states. This book surely will to some degree satiate the hunger of a Bengali who resides in a different place.

The book explains in detail how every food item is prepared with love with a story behind the dish that dates to Calcutta but not Kolkata. In the book, one can also see how the Indians during the British era were looking for better opportunities. One such opportunity was that of growing tea in Darjeeling and parts of Calcutta and globalizing the market. This started a revolution and even today we can see how famous Darjeeling tea is.

With many interesting tales and facts, the book is loaded with stories that will allow everyone to change their perspective toward Bengali food. A must-read book for all those crazy food lovers!

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