Book Review: Cold Justice by Vish Dhamija


Book Title: Cold Justice
Vish Dhamija
Pan Macmillan India
No.of pages:

Book Review

Author Vish Dhamija, our John Grisham is back with a new courtroom story! Cold Justice‘ is the story of  Akash Hingorani, a famed defense lawyer who fell instantly for  Judge Shilpa Singh during a trial in court. After a while, their relationship that was going smooth ends abruptly with Shilpa’s confession.

Cold Justice by Vish Dhamija
Cold Justice by Vish Dhamija

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The novel starts nine months after their break-up when Akash receives several missed calls from Shilpa. And an inquiry with his friend Vansh reveals that Judge Shilpa has been arrested on a murder charge. Akash takes the first step to prove Shilpa innocent and how he does is the story!

As a fan of courtroom stories, this book is super good. I will recommend the book!

What to Expect?

  • Expect a legal thriller with lots of interesting sequences.
  • Expect a story that has emotions and action.
  • Expect a story that shows the ugly side of politics.
  • Expect a story that has all elements to entertain the readers.

Who Can Read?

This is a perfect book for those readers who love courtroom dramas. Author Vish Dhamija is a master storyteller, and his books are absolute entertainers. A person new to reading can happily pick up any of Vish’s books to have a taste of good writing. Thus, this book Cold Justice is a must-read!

Grammar & Vocabulary

Author Vish Dhamija’s books always have content-rich stories with rich vocabulary and perfect language. His stories are not only just for reading but for learning too! His books, especially this book, have some most acceptable words that make the book look ultra-rich!

Writing Style

Vish Dhamija has a unique style of writing. His stories open with an exciting encounter between the characters. Each character in his story has enough space. Now, in this book, Cold Justice, the main characters Akash, Shilpa, Priti, Vansh, and other characters like the MLA or the cab drivers in the initial chapters, everyone is given ample space and strength to be inclusive in the story.

The details and the pace of the story complement each other. Every page in the story thrills the readers. In the chapter, when Judge Shilpa gets arrested, the Author, through Akash, explains to his readers the actual concept of crime. And some phrases like C’est la vie or phenomenon like Baader-Meinhof are beautiful to read. Thus, the book is informative too!

What did I Like

1. The plot
2. The writing
3. The engaging narration
4. The characters

What Could have been Better?

The book is a perfect ala-carte for the readers!

Entertainment Quotient

An absolute entertainer in terms of story, writing, and narration.

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