Book Review: ‘Crypto Crimes’ by Mitali Mukherjee

The Pros, Cons, and Dark Side of the Crypto Ecosystem

Book Title: Crypto Crimes: Inside India’s Best-Kept Secret
Author: Mitali Mukherjee
Publisher: HarperCollins India
Number of Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-9356996700
Date Published: Apr. 26, 2024
Price: INR 343

Crypto Crimes by Mitali Mukherjee Book Cover

Book Review

Mitali Mukherjee’s “Crypto Crimes: Inside India’s Best-Kept Secret” is an eye-opening look into the murky underbelly of India’s cryptocurrency sector. She delves into the dark web, exposing the myriad crimes that thrive in the uncontrolled crypto bubble, using fascinating personal tales and eyewitness accounts. Mitali Mukherjee, the head of Journalist Programmes at the Reuters Institute in Oxford, uses her broad knowledge to offer a complete picture of this rising financial issue.

The book focuses on the startling volume of cryptocurrency investments in India, with over $10 billion invested by around 15 million Indians, mostly young merchants from smaller towns. Mukherjee digs into the unpredictability and temptation of fast money that has propelled cryptocurrencies to financial prominence, particularly among those aged 22 to 30. However, this quick development has resulted in a number of missteps, including a variety of unlawful actions.

Mitali Mukherjee methodically tracks the shadowy underbelly of the crypto industry across India, from gunpoint looting of cryptocurrency accounts in Uttar Pradesh to rapid money laundering scams in Bihar and drug-fuelled parties in Karnataka. She uncovers the startling scope of crimes aided by cryptocurrency, such as drug sales, smuggling, illicit betting, and even terrorist financing. These chilling stories highlight the critical need for regulation and monitoring in the cryptocurrency field.

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The author’s deep experience in business journalism comes through in her analysis of the social and demographic factors influencing India’s infatuation with cryptocurrencies. Though clumsily, Mitali Mukherjee examines the policy environment, which reflects the state of regulatory disarray at the moment. People are nonetheless drawn to the risky world of cryptocurrency trading by the promise of fast money, even in spite of warnings from the RBI and a lack of clear government regulation. These draws frequently have disastrous results.

Crypto Crimes” is an engaging book that mixes human anecdotes with in-depth research to provide a comprehensive overview of the cryptocurrency phenomena in India. Author Mukherjee’s description of the emergence of digital assets, frauds in the business, and complicated regulatory issues gives a critical insight into crypto currency’s current situation. This book is crucial for anybody interested in the convergence of technology, money, and crime, as it emphasizes the critical need for educated regulation and public awareness in this quickly expanding subject.

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