Book Review: ‘Dance of the Elephant, Walk of the Dragon’ by Sandeep Hasurkar

Exploring the Rising Giants: How India and China are Shaping the Global Future

Book Title: Dance of the Elephant, Walk of the Dragon: How India and China are Re-Shaping the World
Author: Sandeep Hasurkar
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-9361564598
Date Published: May 8, 2024
Price: INR 489

Dance of the Elephant, Walk of the Dragon by Sandeep Hasurkar Book Cover

Book Review

Sandeep Hasurkar’s book “Dance of the Elephant, Walk of the Dragon: How India and China are Re-shaping the World” dives into India and China’s economic growth tales, examining their future trajectories and influence on the global landscape. Hasurkar, an ex-investment banker and author, underlines these two countries’ vital responsibilities in combating climate change, as well as the relevance of nuclear energy in satisfying their energy needs. Hasurkar underlines the relevance of India and China’s distinct conditions in determining their separate economic pathways, as well as the necessity for bespoke solutions rather than “cookie-cutter” methods.

China’s strategic approach to nuclear energy, which focuses on state assistance through low-interest loans, land, licenses, and tariff subsidies, has resulted in a tremendous increase in nuclear capacity, outpacing many industrialized countries in reactor installations and cost efficiency. In contrast, the United States and the European Union face barriers to nuclear power growth due to unresolved issues.

The book also discusses the recent announcement of private-sector investments in India’s nuclear energy sector, emphasizing the value of public-private partnerships in driving growth and capacity creation. However, the specifics of the cooperation, notably the private sector’s role in technology sourcing, manufacturing, and component supply, are unknown yet critical to the initiative’s success.

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Furthermore, the book describes China’s amazing progress in nuclear energy, which outperforms many wealthy countries in terms of cost efficiency and capacity, with forecasts predicting that its nuclear capacity will nearly double by 2031. These findings give a detailed review of India and China’s economic and energy strategies, emphasizing their importance in the global energy landscape and climate change mitigation efforts.

Overall, “Dance of the Elephant, Walk of the Dragon” gives insights into the changing dynamics of India and China’s economic growth, their energy plans, and the need for successful collaborations in defining their future trajectories in the global arena.

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