Dark Tales by Venita Coelho

Spooky, eerie, and impactful short horror stories


Book Title: Dark Tales

Author: Venita Coelho

Format: Paperback

My Thoughts:
Though I am not a big fan of horror genre books, after three books I read in recent times, this book, Dark Tales by Venita Coelho stands first.

What initially attracted me is the second name of the author, Coelho! I have had a great time reading the book, and I recommend this to every reader who reads horror books.

What to expect from the story?
Expect a book that is meant for horror fiction lovers.
Expect a book that has simple language but heaps of horror elements in that simple words.

Who can read?
This book, Dark Tales by Venita Coelho is a treat to all those readers who love horror fiction. However, if you don’t endure the excitement, I do not recommend the book.

Dark Tales by Venita Coelho

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How good are the characters?
Every story has such interesting characters that while reading, you transport yourself to the place and travel with them until the end of the book. But, you tend to run away in fear once you get the spike of the horror. This made me love the author’s writing style.

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How good is the narration?
Each story in the book Dark Tales by Venita Coelho is the best at its narration. When it comes to spookiness in each story, the book indeed manages to scare the reader. The characters in the story also join with each other to create horror. And here, the narration of small things around the characters is a must-appreciated point.

How good are the language and grammar?
A simple, easy, and conversational language is used in the stories. Though the writing is effortless, as said simple is the most complex, the stories carry many horror elements written in simple terms.

The below lines from one of the stories, Selfie, are the fav that gave me goosebumps.

The last photo made the hair on Moongi’s arms stand up. He switched the phone off, heart thumping. He didn’t dare take another photo. ‘Kareena,’ he said to himself in the dark, deeply shaken. ‘What happened? What was it?’

How good is the author’s writing style?
This is my first book from Venita, and I have completely fallen for her writing. She is a screenwriter, novelist and artist who writes across age groups and genres. She has been awarded the Sahitya Akademi Bal Puraskar for her book Dead as a Dodo. Her profile makes me realize her writing skills are just fantastic.

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In this book, author Venita used simple language to create spookiness. This is quite a remarkable work.

How entertaining is the book?
The book Dark Tales by Venita Coelho has eleven short stories unique in its writing and the horror element in every story. Although the stories are all set in the present India – cities, villages, and small towns; the stories took up a different level of excitement.

This has been my fifth book this year that comes under the horror genre, and this book is the best. The reasons are it is a collection of short stories, and the eerieness they gave was interesting.

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Final Verdict
Spooky, eerie, and impactful short horror stories


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