Book Title: Death In Colaba Bay

Author: Ambika Subramanian

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:

The story of Death in Colaba Bay has been set up in Bombay around 1898. As we all know, Bombay is the city of dreams, and at the same time, it’s connected with many crimes due to population. It’s always been my favorite city of suspense thriller writers. Tara is the key character. Tara bai is a young widow. Her husband, Jivan, is a lawyer from Baroda. When three young girls go missing from a school in the city, Arun Rao, the police officer, takes up the case. He is famous for solving such crimes and hence is assigned with this case. After a while body of a young missing girl was found from the shores of Colaba, this entire case resembles another case. Tara with Arun together solves this mystery.


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What to expect from the story?

This book is a crime thriller. The story is about a case of the disappearance of three young girls from a prominent school in the city, echoing an older case from central India involving the royal family of Jaiwar and then investigation. Author Ambika has written an interesting book that is 140 pages long with enough mystery and thrill.

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Who can read?

The book is written in a simple language that is adorned with adequate vocabulary. Also, the content and subject are such that it would be appealing for thriller genre readers to pick it up.

How good are the characters?

The characters, Tara and Arun, are crafted coherently done. They are so relatable. The sequence where Tara and the police together try to solve the case is very realistic. The way the royal family is involved in this plot from the central provinces keeps you excited as you wish to know what the role of the Prince is in this whole abduction and murder story based in Mumbai.

How good is the narration?

This is one of the attractive parts of the story. Though not many details of how the city looked during the 1800s were described, the narration was quite engaging. The abduction and the later scenes were narrated fine.

How good are the language and grammar?

Simple yet easily acceptable language with finite yet good vocabulary is used in the story. However, there are some places where the author tried her level best to pull up the thriller string to a greater level, which ultimately was not reachable. Overall, the book can be picked up by readers who like the thriller genre.

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How good is the Author’s writing style?

This is author Ambika’sAmbika’s debut book, and it is quite surprising to even think like that. The writing style, establishment of the characters, and the conviction with which she portrayed different elements in the story are extremely appreciable.

How entertaining is the book?

Some books look interesting because of the cover page and some of the blurb. But, there are also books that look interesting for the places the story is set up in. For example, if Goa or Hyderabad or Mumbai or California, the city’s flavor seeps into the mind. Likewise, this book is set up in Mumbai or Bombay, dated back to the 1800s. This is one of the aspects that makes the book entertaining. The other aspects that make it interesting and entertaining at the same time are the plot. As the story progresses, the thrill element alleviates, and thus the story becomes a nice racy thriller.

Final Verdict

An interesting debut thriller!




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