Book Review: Devi for Millennials by Bibek Debroy

Interesting book about Devi and her power in easy language.


Book Title: Devi for Millennials 
Bibek Debroy   
Published By:
Rupa Publications
No. of pages:

My Thoughts

These days when youngsters are confused about whether to believe or not believe the concept of God, books like this from able and eminent writers create awareness about spirituality and its concepts. The book’s prospects regarding the concept of Devi are exciting to read.

The book comprises seven chapters. The first chapter of the book – A Few Suktams is on the basics of Devi, her worship, and how the Sanskrit language is used. Here, the author also explains the meanings of every syllable in the mantra; The reader can see such explanations in the tabular format. These are well-explained and easy to read.

Devi for Millennials by Bibek Debroy
Devi for Millennials by Bibek Debroy Book Cover

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As the chapters go further, each chapter goes back to the importance of Devi worship. Simple writing style and descriptive explanation help the readers to understand the very concept of Devi or Shakti with utmost interest and spiritual topics.

The book, Devi for Millennials by Bibek Debroy is a combination of ancient spirituality compared to the present times. The intertwining is well presented. As the title goes, Devi for Millennials, author Bibek Debroy tried explaining the importance of Devi and her worship. I happened to read author Bibek Debroy’s recent book – Inked in India, which explained the advent and history of ink pens in India.

His research and presentation are absolutely engaging. Even in this book, without going into religion, the concepts are explained on a superior level of spirituality that help humans attain peace of mind through worship.

A good read!

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