Digital Vs Human


Book Title: Digital Vs Human
Richard Watson

Book Title:

The book title ‘Digital Vs Human‘ clearly explains that the book is about how computers, technology, and artificial intelligence have overtaken human minds and the repercussions in the coming ages.

Book Cover:
The book cover is an image of a human hand and the hand of a robot or humanoid that clearly illustrates the contents of the book.

About the book:
The book, ‘Digital Vs Human‘, talks about varied topics starting from emotions, health, family relationships, culture, economy, media, societal norms, and community standards and their importance and the effect of technology on these areas. The author has managed well to describe some scenarios of such effects where a reader would sit back with astonishment. 


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The author also explains in the book how Online Social Media is taking the role of a fellow being, a good friend, and the best pal, and yes sometimes also donning the role of a life partner. While reading this chapter, I remembered the Oscar-Nominated/Winning movie ‘Her’, where the Operating System in the Protagonist’s computer device becomes his emotional and sexual partner.

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That goosebumps felt while watching the movie were reiterated while reading some chapters. The imaginary life, a human is presented due to too much online social media is discussed with intrinsic details that will really scare every reader.

The author must be really applauded for the simple yet thought-provoking and straight-to-point approach in the book Digital Vs Human while dealing with the issues and problems that are anticipated for future generations in a very simple and clear manner.

What I like:
1.The truth that the human race is now facing
2. The consequences and dangerous results of too much of advent of technology in human lives

What I didn’t like:
This type of book is eye-openers and thus there is no point in disliking related to the contents. As the book is from the Best Selling Author, internationally,  an avid reader like me would definitely try to find out any errors, but I have found none!

Language & Grammar:
Perfect writing skills and great language are observed.

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My Verdict: 
An intelligent book for greater understanding of technology and artificial intelligence-related effects on mankind.

Final Rating:

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