Book Review: ‘The Dry Fasting Miracle’ by Luke Coutinho

Unlock the Potential of Dry Fasting for Optimal Health and Well-being.


Book Title: The Dry Fasting Miracle: From Deprive: From Deprive to Thrive
Author(s): Luke Coutinho & Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Ali Bin Rashed Al Nuaimi
Publisher: Penguin eBury Press
Number of Pages: 224
ISBN: 978-0143450894
Date Published: June 15, 2020
Price: INR 260

The Dry Fasting Miracle by Luke Coutinho Book Cover

Book Review

In the past, people ate early in the evening because there was no artificial light to extend the day. They would not eat again until after sunrise. This practice, known as dry fasting, spread to all religions as a discipline due to its health and spiritual benefits. Today, dry fasting is considered the most superior form of fasting and cleansing for the body. It involves abstaining from all food and water for 12 hours or more.

Continuing from the blurb and prologue of the book, “The Dry Fasting Miracle” is an informative and thorough book authored by Luke Coutinho, a famous holistic lifestyle coach, and integrative medicine specialist. This book explores dry fasting and its possible advantages for health and well-being. Coutinho gives a thought-provoking and practical approach to implementing dry fasting into one’s lifestyle based on his significant expertise and experience in alternative health.

Luke Coutinho examines the ancient practice of dry fasting in “The Dry Fasting Miracle“, which includes refraining from food and water for a certain amount of time. While it may appear paradoxical to refrain from drinking water, the author outlines the scientific reasons for dry fasting and its possible benefits to the body’s healing systems. Coutinho emphasizes the need to approach dry fasting with caution and sufficient instruction to minimize potential complications.

Accessible, engaging, and informative writing are all strengths of Luke Coutinho. He successfully simplifies complex ideas so that people from many backgrounds may grasp them. The novel is well-structured, with each chapter building on the one before it to form a seamless story. Using diagrams, charts, and real-world examples further strengthens the reader’s comprehension of the subject matter.

The book further provides the readers with the below key themes and highlights:

  • Understanding Dry Fasting: By contrasting it with other types of fasting and highlighting its potential benefits, Coutinho walks readers through the essential concepts of dry fasting. He describes how dry fasting can trigger the body’s apoptosis and autophagy processes, boosting cellular renewal and cleansing.
  • Health Advantages: The author discusses the various health advantages of dry fasting throughout the book. Coutinho strongly argues for including dry fasting as a part of one’s health practice, citing benefits including weight loss, improved metabolic efficiency, greater mental clarity, and higher vitality.
  • Practical Advice: Understanding the value of assistance while beginning a dry fasting adventure, the author offers helpful pointers and suggestions to safely guide readers through the procedure. He stresses the importance of careful planning, staying hydrated, and returning to a regular diet following fasting.

Luke Coutinho’s book demonstrates his comprehensive approach to health and well-being. He emphasizes the value of dry fasting and other good lifestyle habits, including wholesome food, regular exercise, sound sleep, stress reduction, and mindfulness. This all-encompassing approach enables readers to adopt a balanced lifestyle that promotes their general well-being.

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Case Studies: Coutinho presents actual case studies of people who have implemented dry fasting into their lives to highlight this practice’s possible effects. These tales inspire and motivate readers, demonstrating how a dry fast may be a life-changing experience.

I discovered Nutritionist and Author Luke when looking for articles on his transformative diet regimens that appeal to many people. One of my friends, a breast cancer survivor, had her checked by Luke; his food suggestions helped her recover physically. As a result, I ended up reading this book as well!

Finally, in “The Dry Fasting Miracle,” Luke Coutinho explores dry fasting in-depth, presenting it as a potentially transforming practice for general health and well-being. With his comprehensive approach, practical assistance, and inspiring case studies, Coutinho provides readers with the knowledge and resources they need to begin their dry fasting journey. While care is urged and further study is required, this book is a fantastic resource for anybody looking to improve their health and vitality through alternative means.