Book Review: ‘English Hinglish’ by Ritu Soni Bhagat

Language Fusion: Where English Meets Hinglish Brilliance


Book Title: English Hinglish: Daily Delight of Idioms and Expressions
Author: Ritu Soni Bhagat
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 432
ISBN: 978-9355205308
Date Published: Aug. 05, 2023
Price: INR 393

English Hinglish by Ritu Soni Bhagat Book Cover

Book Review

In her captivating work, “English Hinglish: Daily Delight of Idioms and Expressions,” Ritu Soni Bhagat, published by Rupa Publications, introduces a fresh and inventive approach to mastering the intricacies of language. Through 432 words, the author seamlessly intertwines English and Hinglish, crafting an immersive and informative journey tailored for language enthusiasts of all levels.

This book is Bhagat’s ingenious amalgamation of classic English idioms and contemporary Hinglish expressions. Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of language, Bhagat adeptly captures the shifting cultural panorama where English and Hinglish coexist harmoniously.
The outcome is a linguistic odyssey that transcends mere learning—an experience that enlightens and entertains in equal measure.

Designed as a daily companion, the book imparts bite-sized nuggets of idiomatic treasures, allowing readers to incorporate them into their lexicon seamlessly. Each entry comes with lucid elucidations of meaning and usage and relatable examples that bridge the gap between theory and practical application. Bhagat’s writing style is engaging and accessible, fostering an inclusive atmosphere and encouraging readers to delve into and experiment with their language prowess.

Yet, “English Hinglish” surpasses the confines of traditional language tutorials. It is a jubilant celebration of the cultural fusion that has significantly influenced contemporary communication. Bhagat’s creation is testimony to language’s remarkable ability to evolve, adapt, and bridge connections among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Through its pages, readers glean idiomatic knowledge and unravel the intricate tapestry of Indian culture and the dynamic interplay between heritage and modernity. Bhagat’s enthusiasm for language shines through in meticulously crafted idioms and phrases. Her profound comprehension of English and Hinglish empowers her to blend them seamlessly, resonating harmoniously with a vast audience.

Are you a seeker of language and its beauty? Then this book is for you. This book helps the readers to enrich their linguistic repertoire and get intrigued by the vibrant convergence of cultures. “English Hinglish: Daily Delight of Idioms and Expressions” is an example of language’s ability to transcend boundaries and create something exceptional. This book helps a language enthusiast eager to expand their linguistic horizons or a curious reader intrigued by the dynamic interplay of cultures. Thus, this book offers an exceptional experience bound to leave a lasting impression.

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