Book Review: ‘Epic Tales of Wisdom’ by Nityanand Charan Das

Sweet and interesting moral stories.


Book Title: Epic Tales of Wisdom
Author: Nityanand Charan Das
Publisher: Red Panda (Westland Publications)
Number of Pages: 128
ISBN: 978-9395767880
Date Published: Mar. 13, 2023
Price: INR 233

Epic Tales of Wisdom by Nityanand Charan Das Book Cover

Book Review

Indian mythological stories are important for children because they teach moral and ethical principles, connect them to their cultural history, teach universal life lessons, encourage imagination and creativity, give inspiring role models, and provide a look into spirituality. These stories teach characteristics like honesty and kindness, which help develop their character. Understanding one’s roots and customs helps children develop a feeling of pride and cultural identity.

The timeless truths in these stories assist youngsters in navigating life’s difficulties and making sensible decisions. Furthermore, these stories’ symbolic and imaginative components spark their imagination and foster creative thinking. Finally, Indian mythology is an excellent source of wisdom, molding children’s values, worldview, and personal growth.

Nityanand Charan Das, a monk at Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple ISKCON Chowpatty Mumbai over the past 16 years, has become an accomplished author of national best-sellers such as Icons of Grace, Ask the Monk, and Bound by Love. With a strong desire to help people find meaning, contentment, and fulfillment in today’s urban society, he focuses on assisting individuals, particularly youth, including children and teens, in reconnecting with their origins and living a simple yet fulfilled life.

Epic Tales of Wisdom” takes youngsters on a thrilling, educational, vibrant, and creative epic adventure. The stories depict a universe populated by gods and goddesses, sages and saints, demons and monsters, and other creatures.

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The stories, retold in a child-friendly way by Nityanand Charan Das, empower children to investigate, observe, comprehend, and stimulate their curious minds. The subtle teachings in the book reflect timeless wisdom from Indian mythology and provide vital insights into navigating life’s ups and downs. Nirzara Verulkar’s pictures liven up this book of educational, amusing, and illuminating stories.