Book Review: Every Sunset Has a Story by Katherine Abraham


Book Title: Every Sunset Has a Story
Author: Katherine Abraham

Book Review:

Books written on India – Pakistan are always enticing. There is an undying interest and invisible charm in these stories. And, if the story has a historical background, the book is an absolute treat!

Every Sunset Has a Story by Katherine Abraham is a fictional story set in present-day India and Pakistan. The book has two investigative journalists,  Ghazanfar and Joanna, who are on a quest to hunt and solve the puzzle behind a 12th-century Jain icon. This Jain icon is, for some reason, concealed by the Temple Guardians. Ghazi working for a Pakistani Newspaper and the Jain Icon reminded me of the Jain temples at Lahore.

Every Sunset Has a Story by Katherine Abraham
Every Sunset Has a Story by Katherine Abraham

With an interesting and exciting storyline, the readers travel with Jo or Joanna and Ghazi or Ghazanfar. The first chapter introduces the readers to an argument between Ghazi and his mother, or Ammi, about his marriage! This argument felt very relatable, and mainly youngsters who read the story will find themselves in Ghazi during the confrontation with their parents.

The second chapter is introduced with Joanna in the resort and a package arriving at her room. The after incidents that Jo encounters are pretty mysterious and chilly. The third chapter doesn’t only entertain the readers but also gives information about some world happenings. The details that Katherine tried to embed in paragraphs are appreciable.

Jo and Ghazi meet each other in an unpleasant situation; they both understand that they are at the resort to attend the Conclave. The story progresses, and there comes the point where a quest unites both of them! As they unveil the hidden Jain Icon’s hidden secrets, their identities and family roots start unearthing. These secrets go back to many historical events.

The writing skills where Katherine brought in many facets of life, emotions, and the hidden dark side of the humans we live with make the story entertaining.

Little nuances like Ghazi’s mother warning him not to marry an Indian woman,  Major D’ Souza’s favorite pass time of creating codes that become a significant part of Jo’s investigation, and the intelligent tour guide Khan and his words, were fascinating. The story has action, romance, emotions, and mystery that make it face-paced.

The story also helps the readers go back to Emperor Akbar’s then-era, exotic Indian culture, and art. A contemporary story that gets entails history and politics with solid characters, engaging narration, simple and accessible language, and an exciting storyline; Everyday Is a Sunset by Katherine Abraham is an excellent racy thriller.

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