Eye on You by Kanchana Banerjee


Book Title: Eye On You
Author: Kanchana Banerjee
Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:
Life on social media has become more attention-seeking than information-seeking. With the advent of social media, engaging websites like the then Orkut,  Facebook, and almost equivalent dating sites like Tiktok that were banned recently, Snapchat and Instagram were primarily meant to share photos of the traveled places, food, and culture have all turned upside down.

The primary objective of these sites was to connect people across the globe on a universal platform to share knowledge. But, unfortunately, because of the absence of strict social etiquette, voyeurism,  hatred, stalking, personal comparison, adultery, etc., have been increasing comparatively.  This book, Eye on You, with the title itself, talks about what the book is about. The blurb also shows that the book is a strict discourse on not using social media.

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The story starts with Myra’s suspicion of being abused physically the before night. Myra, the protagonist in the story with her friend Dipti, with who she shares her mental agony, helps her in the investigation. Dipti is a police officer, and with the proper process, she holds the investigation. As the story progresses, gradually everything starts unfolding, and the people who committed the crime are held.

But there is so much that the author in the book explains through the characters. One of the most important points that the story talks about is not to be so outspoken about personal life and share everything online. Every person on social media must have a hawk’s eye when befriending strangers.  Here, Myra commits the same mistake.

The story is set in Gurgaon; Myra is a young, independent, single working woman. She is also a Social Media Influencer, and being her job, she spends every moment sharing about her life, even the most intimate moments of her life with her online family.

The ghastly incident happens after an open-house party in her home where the guests are almost unknown to her! She gets so drunk that even after understanding the abuse, she fails to recognize the person who committed it. Filing a police complaint that seems impossible because she cannot give any clues shows how dangerous online can be.

The language, the narration, and the incidents with realistic backgrounds make the book, Eye on You by Kanchana Banerjee a readable one. This is one of those books that will warn and caution today’s social media users on how to be careful!

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