Fiercely Female


Book Title: Fiercely Female

Author: Sundeep Misra

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:
The month of June every year is celebrated as PRIDE month. This is dedicated to the LGDTQ+ people. After the relaxation on 377 section, most same-sex couples and others sensed a wind of relief. In this regard, reading this book is a kind of tribute.

The book Fiercely Female explores why Dutee quietly ignored many recommendations to take hormone suppressants or go under the knife to reduce the levels of testosterone that her body was producing. Some told her to give up athletics; some asked her to withdraw and live with the stigma all her life. But Dutee defied all; she fought against what she called sexist rules. She fought for her existence.

Apart from the sports persona, Fiercely Female also explores in deep her human mind. Her likes and dislikes, her way of life, and her diction is shown.

About the Author and his writing
Author and journalist Sundeep Misra have written two books on Indian Hockey—an unauthorized biography, Forgive Me Amma: The Life and Times of Dhanraj Pillay (2007), and a collection of long-form pieces titled The Mohammed of Benares and Other Stories (2017).

He has also edited India’s first anthology of sports writing, The Best of Indian Sports Writing (2013). The anthology brought together India’s sixteen finest sportswriters.

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Sundeep has worked and written extensively for leading media houses of the country, such as the Indian Express, Asian Age, and India Today, and currently writes for top publications, such as Firstpost, The Caravan, Khaleej Times, Mid-Day, and The Tribune. He was the Sports Editor of TV channel News X and then the Founder Editor-in-Chief of Sports Illustrated India. As a correspondent, he has covered eight hockey World Cups, three Asian Games, and four Olympic Games.

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Including his previous works in this book, the language and grammar constructs used are simple, universally acceptable, and practical.

How entertaining is the book?
A book after a long time which is not about a cricketer! It is a fortunate thing that I have read books on other sports and games other than Cricket. One of such books is Dutee Chand’s  – ‘Fiercely Female‘.

In 2014, sprinter Dutee Chand was banned from competition on the grounds of hyperandrogenism. She was 19 then. She fought the world athletics body and got her ban overturned. Dutee is also India’s first athlete to come out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community openly.

This book accounts for her journey, the ups and downs, the harsh reality, and the inhuman behavior she faced. Indeed a great eye-opener, inspirational and powerful story which will genuinely motivate and entertain the readers.


Final Verdict
Inspiring, thought-provoking, and enlightening story.


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