Book Review: ‘Fun with Festivals’ by Subhamoy Roy and Sulaiman Ahmad

Celebrate Every Moment: Stories, Crafts, and Joyful Traditions for Every Festival!

Book Title: Fun with Festivals
Author(s): Subhamoy Roy and Sulaiman Ahmad
Illustrator: Shamika Chaves
Publisher: Hachette India Children’s Books
Number of Pages: 216
ISBN: 978-9357317818
Date Published: Apr. 16, 2024
Price: INR 209

Fun with Festivals by Subhamoy Roy and Sulaiman Ahmad Book Cover

Book Review

Explaining festivals to children in a fun and colorful way can be a delightful experience. From Diwali’s dazzle to Holi’s hues, from Navratri’s beats to Eid’s feasts, and from Christmas carols to New Year treats, this delightful book is packed with festive facts, creative activities, and wonderful things to make, ensuring every day is a cheerful celebration. Hachette’s book “Fun With Festivals” with stories by Subhamoy Roy and Sulaiman Ahmad, illustrated by Shamika Chaves is a creative approach to make learning about festivals exciting for kids.

From Lohri to New Year’s, all the major festivals are explained in a story-telling manner with the rituals, significance, and activities for the kids. The book’s contents are explained in the following ways.

  • Storytelling Magic: Every festival has a rich story filled with fascinating characters and events. Share these stories with children in an animated way, using expressive voices and gestures to bring the tales to life. This immersive storytelling method not only captures their imagination but also deepens their understanding of cultural traditions and histories.
  • Crafty Celebrations and Decor Delight: Engage children in making festival-related crafts, such as painting and decorating diyas for Diwali or creating ornaments for Christmas. This hands-on activity is both fun and educational, helping them understand the symbols of the festivals. Additionally, decorating the home or classroom with festival-themed items can be highly engaging. Children can help hang lights for Diwali, set up a nativity scene for Christmas, or arrange flowers for Pongal, making the festive environment more vibrant and inclusive.

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  • Dress-Up Fun and Cooking Together: Allow kids to dress in traditional attire related to each festival, enhancing their sensory experience with bright colors and different textures. Explain the significance of the clothes and how they relate to the celebration. Involve children in preparing special festival dishes to teach them about the cultural significance of food and the joy of sharing meals during festivities. This not only makes the celebrations more interactive but also fosters a deeper connection to the cultural roots of each festival.

The book, “Fun with Festivals” asks the readers to incorporate these elements, so that the children learn and enjoy the vibrancy, diversity and joy of festivals.

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