Book Review: ‘Gain Your Financial Freedom with the 1% Formula’ by Deepak Mullick

Deepak Mullick's Guide: Transform Your Finances, Embrace Freedom

Book Title: Gain Your Financial Freedom with the 1% Formula
Author: Deepak Mullick
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Number of Pages: 200
ISBN: 978-9357026567
Date Published: Nov. 5, 2023
Price: INR 235

Gain Your Financial Freedom with the 1% Formula by Deepak Mullick Book Cover

Book Review

Deepak Mullick’s “Gain Your Financial Freedom with the 1% Formula” is a groundbreaking guide that transcends conventional approaches to money, focusing on transforming investments into a sustainable income source. As a seasoned investment veteran, Mullick provides a pragmatic framework that simplifies the journey to financial freedom. Beyond mere monetary gains, the book advocates for a holistic approach, urging readers to consider health, family, and personal passions alongside their financial pursuits, challenging the prevailing notion that success is solely defined by wealth.

The book’s strength lies in its well-structured planning framework, which guides readers through various asset classes and distinguishes those leading to financial freedom from potential constraints. Mullick champions a straightforward mutual fund-based strategy in the Indian equities market, offering readers an accelerated route to achieving financial independence. This book serves as a beacon for investors navigating the intricate world of mutual funds, providing an exclusive guide from inception to financial freedom.

At the core of Mullick’s financial revelation is the “1% Rule,” a disciplined and achievable approach to wealth creation through incremental improvements. By applying this principle to mutual fund investing, Mullick transforms the concept into actionable steps, making it accessible to both seasoned investors and beginners alike. The book stands out by providing a comprehensive and cohesive resource that is lacking in the current literary landscape, articulating the nuances of mutual fund investment from fund selection to understanding market dynamics.

The book’s value is further enhanced by Mullick’s unwavering advocacy for mutual funds as a wealth-building tool. His dedication becomes a call to action, resonating with the younger generation and urging readers to choose the steady path of mutual fund investment. It emphasizes the importance of patience and strategic planning while navigating the evolving landscape of a career, especially in the unpredictable risk of the stock market.

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Deepak Mullick’s book is not just a guide; it is a dedication to Indian investors facing challenges and setbacks in the unpredictable world of the stock market. It serves as a timely reminder to avoid the allure of quick profits in stocks and instead embrace the measured and secure approach offered by mutual funds. Mullick’s work stands as a reminder that wealth creation is a journey, not a race, offering practical insights and a heartfelt plea to prioritize long-term financial well-being over the temptation of quick monetary gains. “Gain Your Financial Freedom with the 1% Formula” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking a sensible and sustainable approach to financial success.

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