Book Title: Oop & Lila – Lost in Scarabean Sea
Author: Olivier Lafont

Book Title
The title of the book ‘Oop & Lila – Lost in Scarabean Sea‘ is adventurous and attractive. The spelling of Scarabean is interesting.

Book Cover
The cover image of the book is very colorful and attractive with many scenes depicting the adventures in the story. The animated characters are colorful to look at.

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About the book
The Scarabean Sea. Ruled by titanic sea scarabs that hunt whales and ships. Claimed by the all-conquering Brutish Empire. Home to a hundred proud kingdoms yearning for freedom. And haunt of dreaded pirates. A world was not too different from our own… For Oop nothing is worse than babysitting his little sister, Lila, at the Mega Mela. And where does she take him? To some weird fake fakir. Things take a frightening turn, however, when they discover the fakir’s bag of 99 candies, and each one grants one wish. Transported by wish candy to the Scarabean Sea in the middle of a midnight raid on the Brutish Empire’s treasures, Oop and Lila end up hunted by the fakir Tattoo, who covets the wish candies and will stop at nothing to get them back. But Oop and Lila have allies: the fearsome Captain Angry and his mismatched crew of cut-throat pirates!

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My review
Sometimes but rarely it happens that I really like a book from the genre that I usually don’t have a taste for. The same happened this time. What made me pick the book was the author’s reputation about his writing style and the interesting cover I liked the way how the story progresses and impresses the readers. The illustrations in the middle of the story in every chapter make the book more interesting to read. I traveled back in time when I first read Alice in Wonderland. I saw myself traveling with Oop & Lila in their adventure. I also conversed with the pirate(s) in the story. This feeling is not so common when a book is read but thanks to the author for making the story so lively that I immediately got transported to the lands and seas of Scarebean.

What to expect
To escape from reality and the pretensions that everyone has been facing since the lockdown times, books like this which are actually meant to teenagers and young adults please the adults also. This book is full of fun, frolic, and adventure. The story is also informative. There are scenes where the life lessons are taught in a subtle yet effective manner.

On the whole, this is a book that takes you the adventurous and fantasy world of Oop & Lila. There are unicorns, there are pirates, there are ogres and there is so much fun.

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My take on the characters
Other than Oop and Lila, the other characters in the story which I wish not to disclose because the excitement will vanish, and thus I restrain myself giving out any spoilers. But, it must be believed that the story and the characters will absolutely entertain the readers.

How good is the author’s writing style
Author Olivier Lafont is a very good writer. His previous book and works have proved the same. His command over the English language that perfectly fits this type of fantasy – adventure stories. His narration and the details of the characters, scenes, and emotions exhibited is just impeccable. The language he uses is so classic that it resembles the language used in Yester year’s classic adventurous books like Alice in Wonderland or TinTin or Pinnochio. There are many times where I felt as if I was also in a travel quest with Oop & Lila.

His language and scenic representation of the story is so good that a reader can’t stop falling in love with his writing. I was never a fan of such genre book but of late I started reading for various reasons. I have never attempted to read the famous Harry Potter series but watching the TV series Game of Thrones, compelled me to travel back in time and start reading these fantasy and adventurous stories.

In this book, Olivier’s thematic approach and story-board sequences are very interesting. The book gives a vivid moving story that enthralls the readers once they finish it reading. For many good reasons, I decided to read his other books irrespective of any notions on this genre.

Who can read the book

Though the book’s intended audience is children and young adults, the story is universal. As said there are some places where the writing is so good that even adults will be happy to read.

Final Rating

About the Author –

Who can forget Suhas Tandon from 3 Idiots? Now read a smashing children’s book by the French actor, screenplay writer, and critically acclaimed author Olivier Lafont.

Oop and Lila: Lost in the Scarabean Sea is a middle-grade fantasy novel perfect for the fans for Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl. Featuring a cast of colourful characters, this pirate tale, woven with delicious morsels of history and written with plenty of humour and heart, will soon have you longing for life on the high seas!