Book:  Gita-The Battle of the Worlds

Author: Sonal Patel

Publisher:  HarperCollins Childrens’

About The Author: Sonal Patel is a British-Indian mother with strong cultural roots. She has been a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda for over twenty years, practicing yoga and meditation every day. Jemma Wayne-Kattan graduated from Cambridge University and obtained her PGDIP in broadcast journalism from the University of Westminster before becoming a journalist and writer. She lives in north London.

About the Book: When eleven-year-old Dev’s father dies, he can’t stop lashing out at those he loves. Until he meets Sanjay, a sprite-like being who claims there is a battle raging inside Dev’s own body. Sanjay embarks on a perilous journey beginning in the darkest realm at the bottom of Dev’s spine.

As he searches for the noble warrior Prince Arjun, the only hope to defeat wicked Prince Ego, Sanjay encounters starving mobs, thieving gangs, water worlds, and lands of fire, until at last, he finds Arjun on the battlefield, ready to fight for Dev. This book takes the epic battle within the Gita and transports it inside the body of a young boy called Dev.

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A classic story of good overcoming evil, through Dev and Sanjay’s adventure, readers will be able to connect with some of the deeper concepts in the Gita. ‘It’s time that the Gita is presented in its true context – not as a moralistic or religious book, but as a book that is relevant to everybody’s life.’ -SADHGURU, one of India’s leading spiritual teachers

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Review: The cover of the book is beautifully designed and perfectly matches the title. The title itself urges you to read the book. The narration is so crisp and interesting that you feel like reading it again and again.

The Illustrations and Cartoon pictures really make the book interesting for kids. The concept of the story is very interesting which not only useful for kids but also for adults as well. We all have good sides and bad sides as human beings and it is necessary we all fight with our ego (Bad trait).

Everything is beautifully explained by the author in the form of illustrations and cartoons. Also, we all must have a good friend like Sanjay who can show us the mirror about our good and bad qualities. A person with an ego cannot be happy always.

Every parent should make their children read this book so that they understand the moral behind the story which will be helpful for them to grow in their life as human beings. I appreciate the author’s hard work in writing such a beautiful story for the children.

This book really simplifies the concept of Bhagavad Gita which is commendable. The writing style is commendable. All the characters were beautifully defined especially Arjun and Sanjay which were the highlight of the book. Since it is a children’s book, I will recommend every parent to purchase this book for their kids so that they can understand the moral of the story and become a nice human beings when they grow up. All the very best to the authors.

Verdict: ☆☆☆☆ A book dedicated to kids so that they can learn the concept of bad traits and good traits and how we can fight the good traits. Not only kids we adults also must learn from this book. A nice and beautiful concept to read.

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