Guilty of Love, Your Honour


Book Title: Guilty of Love, Your Honour

Author: Rajesh Talwar

Format: Kindle

About the author:
Rajesh Talwar has written twenty-nine books, including novels, children’s books, plays, self-help books, and non-fiction books covering issues in social justice, culture, and law. Rajesh’s plays cover diverse contemporary themes and historical retellings. He has contributed to The Economic Times, The Guardian, The Pioneer, The Times of India NIE, Manushi, The Sunday Mail, and the New Indian Express. He is a sought-after speaker at Literary Festivals. Rajesh works as Deputy Legal Adviser to the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan.

About the book:
Love doesn’t need an invitation to enter your life! Luv, a lawyer, learns this when he falls in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. And that’s only the beginning of his troubles!

Guilty of Love, Your Honour Cover

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Luv finds out Jeet, who works as a high-flying corporate executive, is to be married to Simran, the girl he loves, and he tries to keep his emotions under check. After all, there is a bro code Luv cannot break, especially since he, Jeet, and Kartik have been best friends since Hindu College days. But falling out of love isn’t so easy. Jeet, on the other hand, cannot seem to get over Sabrina, the girl who unceremoniously dumped him. As he pines for her, he takes to the bottle, and his alcoholism spirals into an outburst Luv must control.

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Can Luv work his way out of this complicated case with the same ease he displays in the courtroom? Will he betray Jeet and confess his love to Simran? Or will he stand aside, as best friends should? No matter what, Luv remains guilty of love!

My Thoughts:
This book by author Rajesh Talwar is an interesting tale of love and friendship that are inevitable in anyone’s life. If these are not set within the definite and societal rules, then life goes bonkers. This is the main theme of the story, and how do the characters react and act is what the story is. Every character in the story, including Simran, has its own space, identity, and strength.

The inclusion of Bollywood songs also added some spice to the story.

What to expect from the book?
Expect a twisting tale between friends and their web of feelings.
Expect a story that questions one’s existence in others’ lives.
Expect a story with engaging narration and human emotions.

Who can read?
The story is targeted towards the readers who love to read fiction stories that revolve around themes like love, friendship, romance, etc. As the story is written in a universal language, the book can be read by teenagers also.

How good is the author’s writing style?
Rajesh Talwar is one such author who explores and experiments in many genres in fiction. This is my fourth book of his and this time the story has totally stumbled me. All his books in general have an easy language that appeals to the readers of almost every. The elements like vocabulary, grammar, and speed of the story in this book is as good as his other works, but somewhere a little lag towards the 3/4th of the story is felt. The narration is engaging and the emotional quotient is well maintained.

How entertaining is the book?
Love stories are always the ever-green narrative in the fiction genre. What if the love story between two people has a twist because of the intruding of another person, directly or indirectly? The story thus becomes a question of beliefs, values, ethics, and emotions. Though feelings are overpowered by the conscience, sometimes the person’s value model of life changes the course of the life. Here, with the two titles entwined into one, the story can be seen as two sub-plots where the characters are the same but the choices in their lives make the difference.

The book revolves around three best friends Karthik, Luv & Jeet. They share a definite bond of unconditional love. The drift in their relationship starts when Luv develops romantic feelings with Jeet’s fiancee, Simran. The book is a perfect entertainer.

Final Verdict
A one-time interesting tale of love and emotions.



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