Book Review: ‘Hamas: From Resistance to Regime’ by Paola Caridi

Navigating the Intricacies of Palestine's Political Odyssey

Book Title: Hamas: From Resistance to Regime
Author: Paola Caridi
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
Number of Pages: 480
ISBN: 978-1644211892
Date Published: Feb. 21, 2023
Price: INR 959

Hamas From Resistance to Regime by Paola Caridi Book Cover

Book Review

Paola Caridi’s book provides a detailed account of the rise of Hamas in Palestine in 2006, shedding light on the complex sentiments among Palestinians supporting a government advocating violent resistance. Drawing on on-the-ground research and interviews with Gaza residents and Hamas leaders, Caridi traces the history of Gaza from its prosperous past to the formal establishment and gradual militarization of Hamas. The book also includes a chapter on Operation Cast Lead, WikiLeaks disclosures, and the Cairo Revolution.

Caridi’s work is a historical survey rather than a polemical view of the Islamist movement that has shaped Palestinian needs and troubled Israel since its inception in 1987. Delving into the movement itself, the book, with intelligence, dexterity, and empathy, reveals the intricate dynamics behind the controversy. It portrays a people engaged in a historic political struggle, shedding light on the complexities influencing one of the key players in the ongoing Middle East crisis.

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Hamas: From Resistance to Regime” is not a mere critique but an exploration, starting at the grassroots level. Caridi’s interviews with individuals inside and outside the movement, coupled with a thorough examination of written sources, present a comprehensive understanding. The book delves into Hamas’s origins, evolution, and decision-making processes. For those familiar with Hamas, new information is presented judiciously, while those less acquainted find an accessible and rewarding account.

As the narrative unfolds, Caridi paints a nuanced picture, offering readers a deeper comprehension of the political battles that define the region’s history. The book stands as a testament to the author’s dedication to unraveling the multifaceted aspects of a movement crucial to the pursuit of peace and justice in the Middle East.

Thus, “Hamas: From Resistance to Regime,” sheds light on why the militant outfit remains deeply concerned about the ongoing ground offensive in Gaza. This book, therefore, not only provides historical context but also offers insights into the contemporary challenges faced by Hamas, adding relevance to its broader impact on the current geopolitical landscape.

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