Book Review: ‘Haunted Places Of India’ by Riksundar Banerjee

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Haunted Places Of India by Riksundar Banerjee Book Cover

Book Title: Haunted Places Of India
Author: Riksundar Banerjee
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
Number of Pages: 184
ISBN: 978-9393852250
Date Published: Apr. 05, 2023
Price: INR 469

Book Review

Haunted places are unique, with each location’s history and eerie atmosphere. The book delves into the spread of fear in groups surrounding a specific location, often rooted in tragic historical events that reveal the darker aspects of human nature.

Haunted Places of India” is a fascinating exploration of some of India’s most notorious and spooky locations. From ancient forts and step-wells to modern-day buildings and beaches, the author delves into the legends, myths, and ghost stories surrounding these places, offering readers a glimpse into the supernatural side of India. One of the book’s strengths is its comprehensive coverage of different regions and types of haunted places in India.

The author has collected legends, facts, and oral tales from various sources to provide a holistic view of each location. Readers will find historical context and cultural insights that help them understand the significance of these locations and the beliefs that surround them.

The writing style is engaging and immersive, with vivid descriptions that transport readers to these haunted places. The author has a talent for creating an eerie atmosphere that keeps readers on edge. The book is accompanied by photographs that help bring these locations to life, making the experience even more captivating.

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The book may not meet the academic standards of some readers as the author heavily relies on popular myths and legends, lacking historical or factual evidence. Yet, the book primarily aims to entertain readers interested in the cultural significance of haunted places in India.

Overall, “Haunted Places of India” is an excellent book that will appeal to anyone interested in exploring the supernatural side of India. The author’s visits to some sites and collection of oral tales from various sources make this a unique and fascinating read. The book is perfect for armchair travelers who want to experience the thrill of visiting haunted places without leaving their homes.