Book Reviews: Hauntings by Abhirup Dhar

Good book for people who like paranormal stories and incidents.


Book Title: Hauntings: Stories Based on Actual Paranormal Investigations
Abhirup Dhar           
Published By:
Rupa Publications

Book Review
Paranormal activity refers to any phenomenon beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding and is often perceived as related to supernatural or paranormal forces. Such phenomena include ghost sightings, unexplained sounds or lights, and psychic or telepathic experiences. The concept of paranormal activity is often associated with ghosts, supernatural entities, and extraterrestrial life. However, it remains a controversial and largely unexplained topic in the scientific community.

Hauntings Stories Based on Actual Paranormal Investigations by Abhirup Dhar
Hauntings Stories Based on Actual Paranormal Investigations by Abhirup Dhar

I was introduced to this type of story or book after I read Author Abhirup’s previous book on Gaurav Tiwari, the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, titled Ghost Hunter. Before I express my opinion on this book, it is to clarify that I read both books just for the sake of reading and to know how these stories sound, and I have absolutely no idea to endorse anything present in the book.

Hauntings is my fifth book from Author Abhirup Dhar, and I have liked his writing to date. As the subtitle suggests, this book, published by Rupa Publications, is a collection of 11 stories based on actual paranormal investigations. To build a premise on these stories, a brief introduction about Gaurav Tiwari will be helpful.

Gaurav Tiwari was an Indian paranormal investigator and founder of the Indian Paranormal Society. He was known for his work in investigating paranormal activities and helping people who claimed to have been affected by supernatural phenomena. Tragically, Gaurav Tiwari passed away in July 2016. Despite the controversy surrounding his death, his legacy in the paranormal research community in India continues to live on.

Horror is my least favorite genre to read, but it was Abhirup’s novel – Hold That Breath – that I enjoyed reading in 2019. And now, Hauntings has given me fresh experience in learning and comprehending how the ghost-hunting activity is scientifically carried out. Each story has a unique concept and set of issues to resolve. The inherent storytelling keeps the intensity and intrigue in place. The book is for individuals who enjoy reading horror stories with an actual inquiry into their existence.

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