Book Review: Hindutva: Origin, Evolution, and Future by Aravindan Neelakandan


Book Title: Hindutva: Origin, Evolution, and Future
Author: Aravindan Neelakandan
Publisher: Blueone Ink

Book Review
Hindutva is a philosophy that aims to celebrate and promote India’s Hindu community’s cultural and spiritual heritage. The fundamental tenet of Hindutva is that India is a Hindu nation and that Hindus possess a distinctive cultural and spiritual heritage that ought to be honored and safeguarded. For decades, Hindutva has been recognized for its comprehensiveness and coherence. However, the 816 pages length has garnered more attention than its contemporaneity has.

Hindutva Origin, Evolution and Future by Aravindan Neelakandan Book Cover
Hindutva Origin, Evolution and Future by Aravindan Neelakandan Book Cover

In addition, the book’s overarching theme is about the true principles of Hinduism and how they are connected to the original ideas that dominated our society and culture as a whole. Some concepts like cow worship, among other things. as well as the Aryan Invasion theory and other important historical events shape our present.

The book’s extensiveness and connotations and the author’s disclosure of significant facts to reconcile spirituality with modern science remain its most remarkable features. Spirituality and science were thought to be at odds for a very long time. The author also talks about other fundamental aspects of Hinduism’s sociology, like how it has and continues to show up in our day-to-day lives.

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In the book, Hindutva: Origin, Evolution, and Future, author Aravindan Neelakandan’s writing style has been kept simple and easy for readers to understand, and despite its length, each page has interesting material for them to look at and investigate. The book is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about Hinduism or explore the religion from a neutral and contemporary perspective.

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