Hold That Breath 2


Book: Hold That Breath 2

Publisher:  RG Books

Blurb Of The Book: In the book Hold that Breath 2, Daksh Sehgal, a corporate employee on a business tour meets Agastya Roy, a writer in the midst of penning a book, on a train coupe. Both are on their way to Kolkata from North East after their respective works and strike up a conversation. It’s a night journey but they aren’t sleepy anymore now so, they decide to kill time. Agastya begins telling Daksh six ghost stories…

May 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has spread around the world and Mumbai is the worst hit in India. Dr. Balagopal Reddy and his nurse, Mancy Varghesemeet a peculiar man, Wridhesh Surve during a night shift in the hospital they work in. Every hundred years or so, a pattern is formed and there might just be more to it. Come, meet the beast!

Izna Mehra gets arranged to Udarsh Sachdev and moves to the outskirts of Gurgaon. It’s an old secluded house away from the hustle and bustle whereIzna discovers a fridge in one of the rooms which is always locked – a fridge full of meat. Udarsh has his own little secret which he might want to share with her that is, only if he gets an opportunity.

Basant Agarwal becomes a businessman reluctantly but quite naturally and shifts base from Pune to Panchgani with his wife, Anaisha. It’s a wonderful house that he has bought and there is nobody around – just another house which is seemingly abandoned during the day but comes alive on one night every year. Their neighbour, Harini Srivastava wants to tell them something and invites them to a party.


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Rushil Chatterjee travels from Vancouver to Kolkata after over three decades for some property-related work he can’t skip. His cousin, Laltu requests him to visit their ancestral home in Seramporewhere his father, an old man on his deathbed has to confess something. Karma always pays back!

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Tanay and Sushant, two close friends wake up one morning and realize things are different around them in the remote town of Himachal Pradesh. They meet The Transformer who tells them how they can go REVERSE – we all do! Know it.

Hold that Breath 2 once again as one of the stories connects the others and fear is unleashed from the mind of the master storyteller and bestselling author. Yours truly, Abhirup Dhar.

About the Author: Abhirup Dhar was born in Kolkata and has lived in various cities and towns. A banker by profession, he is passionate about writing and has been doing so ever since he was a child.

He also has a keen interest in movies and reviewed them for certain portals after which he got his first book out, initially penned for the sheer joy of it – ‘Once Again… With Love!’, a quirky take on modern-day relationships.

He believes the best stories are always the ones simply written from the heart and for the heart! He then celebrated storytelling in his next outing with ‘Stories Are Magical’ and readers had a fun, relaxing read again. Abhirup is now delving into horror with ‘Hold That Breath 1 and Hold that Breath 2!’, focused to tell different kinds of stories. He currently lives in Mumbai.

Review:  Abhirup Dhar is a great storyteller and his book, Hold that Breath 2 will hold you till the end with an interesting storyline which you as a reader will never think of.

I have read all his books and each book will make you happy and contented in the end. His latest book Hold that breath 2 is a horror short story book.

It has 6 stories, and each story is different from another. Everyone can read it at one go because of the Flawless narration. The stories were not that scary but if you read them at night, you will have dreams of the stories.

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The cover of the book is genuinely nice. Special thanks to the designer book bakers for a wonderful cover that itself urges you to buy the book. I loved the concept of an author on a train journey telling the story to the co-passenger to pass the time with an unthinkable twist which is the highlight of the book. My Personal favorite is Meat in the Fridge.

This story was scary, as I had dreams of this story and I could not sleep. Jokes apart I loved the writing Style of Abhirup. The Title of the story is apt with the storyline. I would wait for the Web series of every Abhirup Dhar book and wish him all the best.

I would recommend everyone to purchase this book, Hold that Breath 2 if you like Ghost stories as these are scary and Interesting stories that will surely keep you hooked at your seat till you finish it.

Verdict: ☆☆☆☆☆Hold that Breath 2 is a book with Flawless Narration and an interesting twist that keeps you hooked till the end. The Author is a great storyteller. Highly recommended book for everyone.

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