Reading is a good habit. Reading good books is the best habit. Good books give information that when processed in an individual’s brain, a certain amount of productive thoughts are generated. These thoughts further develop into ideas. The ideas always have the power to completely change the life of the individual or his fellow people. If the reading habit is inculcated in children’s young minds, a path towards a healthy lifestyle is created.

Reading also improves self-confidence and positive thinking. Also, reading improves the vocabulary and communication skills of young minds. When these young minds are given a chance to read books that have stories that teach life in many manners, the thought process automatically improves.


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In this connection, my thoughts about this debut book by author Priyanka Pradhan will have a profound effect on the reader’s mind because, the stories are honest, plain and vividly beautiful. The reason for such remark is because though the stories belong to the valleys of Himalayas, because of the universal appeal, they are quite impressive.

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The characters in the stories are so surreal that the readers will immediately transport themselves to the story setting. In this regard I would like to quote my favorite story – ‘ Mischievous Teeth ‘. This story is so cute that I could visualize every character. The kids without teeth look cute, and in the story, we see almost a bunch of them whose names start with the English Alphabet in order, except a few. The twist in the tale is amusing. Many such characteristics in every story bring the readers close to the story and its characters.

I cannot resist myself without congratulating the author for her writing prowess in the debut book itself.

How good is the author’s writing style

The language is simple and easy. As the target audience is the children, author Priyanka has taken care in presenting the stories in a universally accessible way. AN engaging narration in every story is observed.

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How entertaining is the book?

The book is basically targeted at children. Some stories have morals, some have secrets, some have lessons, and some scared too. The book is truly an entertainer. The stories are so varied in the narration that the reader is given a choice to select the favorite in the list. This freedom, when given to the reader, creates more interest to read. Thus, the book is a super entertainer.

Final Verdict

Honest and heartwarming tales from the mountains

Rating: 5/5

(Reviewed by Swapna Peri)

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