Book Review: How to Kill Everyone on the Planet by Rajesh Talwar


Book Title: How to Kill Everyone on the Planet
Author: Rajesh Talwar
Bridging Borders
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Book Review

The book, How to Kill Everyone on the Planet by Rajesh Talwar mainly deals with a conflict-ridden world with all the surrounding circumstances that support a nuclear war. The conflicts among nations have been indispensable since the birth of the human race. It is only the severity and damage that have been changing overtimes. But, whether large or small, it is to be remembered that conflict always results in catastrophes.

It looks like we, humankind, irrespective of many battles and conflicts, or incidents, have learned nothing. It wonders if any group of people sitting in homes, chilling out with a mobile phone and high-data speed internet connection, will ever think about how we will act and survive if there is an alien invasion, a bio-war, or an epidemic.

How to Kill Everyone on the Planet by Rajesh Talwar
How to Kill Everyone on the Planet by Rajesh Talwar

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If man-made gods and religions don’t give us humans any senses, the planet earth would indeed resurrect itself to become a sane planet.

Author Rajesh Talwar is an excellent storyteller and a non-fiction writer. He uses simple language with engaging narratives. Here, in this book, he takes the readers back to America’s bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the aftermath lives of the innocent people.

The book also has theoretical concepts of God, Devi, Jesus, monks, Aliens, Saints, and many more who, back in their time through their ways of teaching, preaching, and propagating, tried to keep humankind intact.

The writing style of the book has been kept simple and easy to understand for the readers and, at the same time, not so simple as to rid the work of its underlying theme and further references made to biblical events such as pestilence, angels, hell, etc. adds to the creative side of the book.

The book is readable in easy language, quoting the actual incidents, measuring the collateral damage done by every action in haste, and straightforward. The contents of the books are in the form of scenes, where each scene has characters. The characters and the contents page is one of the most unique and modern ones written in recent times. On the whole, the book runs on a sarcastic tone. This book has much to read, understand, implement and invest in.


Pick it if

  • You like absurd and abstract writing.
  • You like books on the apocalypse, lives after the war, etc.

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