Hunted by the Sky


Book Title: Hunted by the Sky
Author: Tanaz Bhathena

My Thoughts:
This book ‘Hunted by the Sky‘ by Tanaz Bhatena did not disappoint me. The book is a perfect choice for the readers who are more onto fantasy fiction mixed up with mythology/history.

Of late I have been really liberal in my choice of choosing the books. Maybe, due to COVID times, books are really helping me out to scrap off the pressure. At this juncture, I have been reading a lot of non-fiction and Fantasy genre books.  

It was way back a decade ago when I first read The Shiva Trilogy and after that, it is observed that myth-fiction has been the happening genre in Indian authors. Likewise, though not an Indian author, but this book by Tanaz reminded me of those fantast fiction ones.

In this book, what I really liked is the story. Normally, the story is taken a back seat but the narration is always the best when it comes to such fantasy fiction. Likewise,  here I really enjoyed the fantasy world creation.

This book, ‘Hunted by the Sky‘ is inspired by medieval India and is very overwhelming. The readers can easily be lost in the wonderful world created by the author in the story. The descriptions were so rich and amazing, especially the food descriptions. It is no doubt that the reader reading would actually feel hungry.

The mythology and the history mentioned in the story is captivating and amazing. The mystery and the magic world and the subplots related are very well described.

A quick look into the story

The book, Hunted by the Sky, set in a medieval India-inspired fantasy world. The story begins with a murder. The protagonist, Gul watches the murder. Being helpless, as her parents are slaughtered by the king’s warrior, Major Shayla, who has been assigned to hunt down girls born with star-shaped birthmarks—like Gul, just watches the mayhem.


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Girls with such birthmarks are to be killed as there is a prophecy that those girls will kill the king. Meanwhile,  Gul is rescued by an underground sisterhood that trains her to learn and use magic. She swears she will take revenge against Shayla and the king.

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Then Gul meets Cavas, an ordinary boy who works in the palace stables and helps Gul pose as a member of the queen’s staff. Gul’s vengeance might bring down a king, but it could also destroy the kingdom and everyone she has come to care about.

What to expect from the story?

The story has all emotions including compassion and vengeance.

Who can read the story?

This fantasy story is a treat to YA (Young Adults), children, and fantasy genre lovers.

My take on ­the characters
The characters are probably the best part of the book. They all manage to create a good and able impact on the readers. I particularly liked the way the character of Gul is written. Also, the King’s character is one of the most entertaining ones.

How good is the Author’s writing

Author Tanaz is known for their interesting narrative skills. This my first book of hers, and I absolutely liked her narration and writing style. Though the book is a work of fantasy fiction mixed with culture and mythological aspects, the story seems to be engaging and entertaining.

Language, Grammar & Vocabulary
The language used in the story is simple and non-complex. Also, the vocabulary and other Grammar elements used are rich and uncomplicated. Because of the simple yet fascinating language and storytelling the book can be read by readers of any age.

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How entertaining is the book?

With a fascinating story that oscillates between cultures and characters, the story of ‘Hunted By The Sky‘ by Tanaz is extremely entertaining. It is not so often that readers like me who are inclined mostly towards realistic fiction find fantasy fiction an entertaining genre. I will look forward to reading other books from Author Tanaz.

About book title and the book cover

The book title ‘Hunted by the Sky‘ is intriguing and enchanting. The cover image of the book is a picture of a young woman draped in silk and jewels with a courageous look on her face. The tattoo on her shoulder is very captivating.
Final Verdict

An extremely entertaining fantasy action story



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