Book Review: ‘If God Was Your Financial Planner’ by Suresh Sadagopan

Discover Financial Wisdom, Beyond Numbers


Book Title: If God Was Your Financial Planner
Author: Suresh Sadagopan
Publisher: Westland Business
Number of Pages: 314
ISBN: 978-9357767606
Date Published: Aug. 21, 2023
Price: INR 380

If God Was Your Financial Planner by Suresh Sadagopan Book Cover

Book Review

If God Was Your Financial Planner” by Suresh Sadagopan is a compelling and unique take on personal finance. In a world where financial books often drown readers in technical details and numbers, Sadagopan’s approach is refreshingly different. He weaves the complexities of finance with spirituality and philosophy, creating a holistic perspective on financial planning.

The book addresses a fundamental concern that many of us share: the pursuit of financial freedom. In an age where expenses are constantly rising, the fear of falling short of funds after retirement looms large. Borrowing to meet these expenses can lead to a dangerous cycle of debt. Sadagopan highlights the importance of a well-thought-out financial plan to navigate these challenges successfully.

One of the strengths of the book lies in its simplicity. The book is based on the author’s experience dealing with various clients facing different financial challenges and opportunities. The book shows how financial planning can be easy, exciting, and meaningful with guidance and perspective. The book is divided into seven chapters, each focusing on one client’s story. The stories are conversational and engaging, with the author explaining the financial concepts and solutions in simple terms.

The author’s years of experience in the field are distilled into seven relatable stories that guide readers through various aspects of financial planning. What sets this book apart is its emphasis on the role of a financial planner as more than just a number-cruncher. According to Sadagopan, a financial planner should be a life manager, helping individuals anticipate and mitigate risks while offering wisdom and experience-backed advice.

The book doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the emotional side of financial planning. It explores financial planners’ vulnerabilities and challenges, reminding us that not all solutions lie in the realm of numbers. As the author puts it, some aspects of our financial journey are known only to God, and adversity can sometimes create unique opportunities.

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This book is precious for working individuals with family responsibilities. It is a practical reference guide to turn to when facing financial dilemmas. Moreover, it provides personal finance professionals with insights on leading clients towards comprehensive economic well-being, moving beyond a singular focus on returns. “If God Was Your Financial Planner” is a must-read for those seeking a more balanced and holistic approach to personal finance.

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