Book Review: ‘Impactful Data Visualization’ by Kavitha Ranganathan

Review by Kiran Adharapuram

Book Title: Impactful Data Visualization: Hide and Seek with Graphs
Author: Kavitha Ranganathan
Publisher: Penguin Business
Number of Pages: 196
ISBN: 978-0143461746
Date Published: Jun. 19, 2023
Price: INR 377

Impactful Data Visualization Hide and Seek with Graphs by Kavitha Ranganathan Book Cover

Book Review

In the world that is being conquered by digitalization, numbers play a significant role in both visualization and presentation. With ample techniques that are available in the market to envisage and envision. This insightful book not only deals with data ideation but also its insightful perceptions.

Kavitha Ranganathan, bringing her clear classroom-teaching style which has helped hundreds of data wranglers to this book, walks you through the myriad ways that graphs can mislead, helping to spot visualization traps and prevent misinterpretations. She illustrates core design principles for creating truthful and effective data visualizations assisting you to master the art and science behind creating impactful and accurate graphs. Packed with examples to clearly explain the dos and don’ts of data visualization and backed by empirical research this book will transform the way you create and analyse graphs and charts.

What is Impactful Data Visualization?

This stunning 196-page book, “Impactful Data Visualization: Hide and Seek with Graphs” talks about the types and techniques of how the available data can be projected to the world in innumerable ways that are proven and available in the market. However, this book further drills down to explain to its readers how the data that is presented is often deceptive and ends up in false interpretation.

Though everyone can understand the ways of data interpretation, the author’s intent was to show how the data is often wrongly interpreted and presented as per their respective business demands and competition. A detailed six demarcations were made in the book in centric to digest the data and its presentation along with conceptual presentation plus its misled that give readers a more profound understanding as well and to point out those glitches when we visualize the data.

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With a decade of teaching courses on data visualization to MBA and doctoral students, I am sure the author is the best bet in explaining the postulates of graph misleads and presenting effective plus intuitive visualizations.

The purpose of the whole book and the way forward is summarized in every chapter and the author was successful in helping the data architects by bursting myths and to help to pick the right methodology for the right presentation. Overall, an in-detail analysis and explanation of data visualization to understand the false interpretation and phony projections that mislead the audience. This book is much need anyone who plays with the intellectual source of knowledge and its prepossessing to the targeted assemblage and onlookers.

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