Book Review: ‘Indra: The Rise and Fall of a Hero’ by Utkarsh Patel

The story of Lord Indra – An interesting take!


Indra: The Rise and Fall of a Hero by Utkarsh Patel Book Cover
Indra: The Rise and Fall of a Hero by Utkarsh Patel Book Cover

Book Title: Indra: The Rise and Fall of a Hero
Author: Utkarsh Patel
Publisher: Rupa & Co
Date Published: Sept. 05, 2022
Number of Pages: 312
ISBN: 978-9355205407
Price: INR 243

Book Review

Mythology and Indian writing have a special bond. Indian mythology is so rich and expansive that stories continually erupt from the scriptures and epics we have. The year 2020 gave all the experienced and budding writers the to weave stories around our various mythological characters with contemporary virtues and values.

These stories are as important as the Jataka Tales or the Panchatantra stories. In this regard, ”Indra: The Rise and Fall of a Hero” by Utkarsh Patel, a lecturer of comparative mythology at the University of Mumbai and founder of “The Mythology Project”, gave his readers a new dimension to understand the plight of Indra, the mighty God.

The book is divided into three sections: The Birth, The Rise, and The Fall; the story is written with a tight plot and concise narration. Thus, readers surely will get hooked on the writing dynamics showcased. Without conflict, sub-stories about Indra are available in the holy scriptures; here, author Utkarsh carefully weaves the story that will set the contemporary writing.

The characters of Ahalya and Apala, which stand out in Indra’s story, ate written honestly and with extreme care. Scenes between Indra and maha rishis, like Gautama rishi, Doorvasa rishi, etc., are also written well.

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“Indra: The Rise and Fall of a Hero”, by Utkarsh Patel, is a 312-page book published by Rupa Publications. This book is a good one-time read in accessible language and with adequate vocabulary. This is one of the few books where a balanced insight into a controversial character like Indra is written. It is recommended to all those readers who like light reading and more information.