Book Title: Inside the C-Suite: 21 Lessons from Top Management to Get Your Way in Business and in Life
Author: Jayaram Easwaran

Book Title:
The title of the book ‘ Inside the C-Suite: 21 Lessons from Top Management to Get Your Way in Business and in Life ‘ clearly explains that the book is about 21 stories taken from the corporate world.

Book Cover:
The cover image of the book is attractive with the title in large font and catchy turquoise colored letters

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Inside the book:
Inside C Suite is a collection of 21 short stories, which are inspired by some events and incidents from the real corporate world and is blended with a good amount of fiction. For a corporate employee who is always keen to know what happens in the top management level especially at the CXO level, what kind of risks and pressures the top people undergo, what happens in the meeting rooms, how does business run, why are mid-level and top-level people often criticized by the employees for their attitudes and such things, this book is a perfect one to have a read.

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My Review:

I have been into Software Consulting for 11 years and right from the campus interview and selection I have tuned myself to fit into the corporate life. I still remember it was in the year 2006 when I landed in my first IT job in the then Satyam Computers. The buildings, the people and the mentors were all so well versed that it was a complete paradigm shift of world for a fresher like me. It was during the training and mini-project time when I first tasted the jolt of a professional. I had to compose myself and adapt to the situations. Then came a promotion and in four years I have donned the role of  Team Lead and thus the real corporate world welcomed me.


The war room meetings, the long mail trials, and con-calls had a toll on me mentally and physically. At that point in time, I have been asked to report to a new manager from another location and it was an eye-opener. Whatever the author Jayaram has scripted and illustrated in each of his stories is an almost a real-life reflection from the corporate world. There were some instances when the managers and higher management people were cursed by the employees for their lurking attitude or straight forward approach. But people fail to understand that the CXO people undergo extreme pressures everywhere in order to run the business well.

In this book, the author has presented the readers with 21 short yet very effective stories that talk about the decision making approaches, pressure tackling ways and, relationship lessons that the top-notch management in any company adapts under any type of situations. This book definitely will change the thinking attitude of any employee and create a positive impact on their peers. Last but not least, I truly appreciate my peers with whom I have worked and thanks to the author for penning this wonderful book.


Book Title: 4/5
Book Cover:
Inside the book:
My Review:

*Review by Swapna Peri

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This Book Review was first published in Storizen Magazine June 2019 Issue.

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