It All Happened In A School


Book Title: It All Happened In A School

Author: Gaurav Sharma

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:

Of late, New-age Indian authors have written books on either myth-fiction or complete fiction with the romance genre as the backdrop. But, sometimes readers get to read books that fall under the Realistic Fiction category.

Fortunately, I have happened to read such books this year. But, again to be precise I haven’t read a story like ‘It all happened in a school‘. 

When it comes to realistic fiction, this genre portrays the world as it is.It contains no fantasy, no supernatural elements, and it usually depicts ordinary people going about the business of daily living, with all its joys, sorrow, successes, and failures.

Generally in good realistic fiction, the characters are engaging, the dialogue is believable, the plot is fresh and original, the story setting is true to life, the problems faced by the characters are honestly portrayed.

In this book, ‘It All Happened In A School‘, author Gaurav Sharma has done with the plot something similar that I have stated above. Because, when there is so much chaos in the society regarding religions, here in the story the school is run by two different belief systems which are hardcore fiction but the agenda of the management in the story is well described.


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Likewise, there are certain scenes where unruly kids and their behaviors with teachers are mentioned. This seems to be true because I have heard such incidents. Well, it is all from the home where a kid learns the initial steps. In this connection, the author also pinpoints the parents to be careful in their ways.

The book also addresses a teacher’s struggle to cope up with the politics played when he or she stands up to the ethics and rules. It is not fair to say that every school has this but certainly, many incidents have proved that these politics in various ways, manners, and shapes do exist.

With such virtues, the author introduces the readers with the character Soubhagya. He is loved by the students because of many reasons but becomes a squint in the eyes of the management. As a result, he starts facing tormenting troubles in school.

He unearths certain atrocities and crimes that have happened in the school and hence is under the radar of the top management. With revenge involved, the management often tortures Soubhagya in various ways. What are those incidents that Soubhagya brought into light is the crux of the story.

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With the characters of Harjeet and Soubhagya, the book ‘ It All Happened In A School ‘ is a good gripping story. I noticed, the title says ‘IT ALL HAPPENED IN A SCHOOL‘, which can be redirected to many such schools that have been facing these incidents.

What to expect from the story?

The book is a very good entertainer in terms of story, characters, and incidents mentioned. It is also a good mix of drama, emotions, grit with sufficient amounts of thrill. The book is a complicated story with an unseen ending and unexpected events.

Who can read?

The book is not for any student other than students in professional courses. There are mature elements in the story along with dirty politics that may pollute the minds of young people. The book is strictly for adults and parents because with their strong and balanced minds the story can be read and understood.

The book also acts as a whistleblower to all those parents who sometimes fall for prestige, status, name, fame, and posh localities but fail to adhere to the basic ethics of teaching and developing young minds.

What is the storyline?

The story of the book, ‘It All Happened In A School‘, is set up in a private school in one of the biggest cities in India. The story from the initial pages gives a glimpse of the life in the school for the teachers and the students, their every day struggles and challenges to tackle the politics and games that play around them.

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This is a story about teachers learning to connect with students, fellow teachers, and administrators. 

My take on the characters

The characters in the story are dynamic, strong, and sometimes hateful. There are some incidents mentioned that will stay on the nerve of the readers. The scope and strength of the characters which are both on the good and evil side of the human psyche are well sketched. Because of the real incidents perfectly combined with fiction, the characters look alive.

Not to forget to mention the character of Harjeet, the central character through whose eyes the readers read the story is extremely satisfying and interesting.

How good is the Author’s writing style

This is Gaurav Sharma’s fourth book and his previous works have all been well received by the readers. across. In this book, ‘It All Happened In A School‘, with the help of Harjeet, the central character through whose eyes the readers do not only read the story but also visualize it. This kind of writing is witnessed if the story has strength and the characters portray real-time emotions. 

The book also happens to give the readers a word of caution before taking any step regarding their kids’ education. This of writing is of late not so common and thus I appreciate the author Gaurav Sharma for giving the society such a book. As the saying goes, Literature changes the face of society, this book surely does its job.

How entertaining is the book?

The book is based on certain real events that everyone has witnessed across the country on media. Because of this realistic fiction and many such incidents known, the book entertains and hooks the reader. The language and the narration are appealing. With dialogues and conversations that reflect the present times, the book stands as an entertainer.

Final Verdict

Reality and recent events are explained clearly

Rating:   4/5

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