Book Title: Indians: A Brief History of a Civilization

Author: Namit Arora

Format: Kindle

My Thoughts:

India’s history and culture are dynamic that dates back to the point when human civilization has begun. It begins with a mysterious culture along the Indus River and the farming communities in India’s southern lands. India’s history is a mix and match of migrating people and integration of different cultures and languages.

Indus Valley Civilisation is the prima focal point where the study about ancient India starts at. The Indus valley civilization was an urban civilization, and the people lived in well-planned and well-built towns, which were also the centers for trade. There were rods built, metals used, etc. From this rich culture, there emerged many interesting aspects: the Vedic period, the Gupta empire, the Mauryan Empire, and the eras of various Chinese and other scholars visiting India. There is so much more to read about the forgotten heritage and known history of India.

Indians - A brief History of a Civilization by Namit Arora

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This my review itself might become a book. I recommend this book to be read by every Indian of this 21st Century who is unaware of how rich and varied was the culture of India was!

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Who can read?

This book is and must compulsorily be read by every Indian who wants to know or revisit India’s ancient culture. The book is a work of non-fiction and is knowledgeable. Therefore, the book is suggested to everyone. The language used in the book is harmless, and no provoking statements are mentioned in the book when there are mentions about various religions.

How good is the Author’s writing style?

Author Namit Arora has presented this book in his voice. The introduction chapter explains his interest and passion for knowing more about India, and its ancient history and the changes the land has groped in itself. The book is written in the first-person narrative, and Namit explains the genesis of the thought to write this book. He also mentions his wife, who has been an integral part of this journey.

How entertaining is the book?

As quoted in one of the websites that talks about Indian civilization, these lines prove that India has always been a culture and heritage place.

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The lines like:

The Indian civilization started with the Indus Valley civilization, dating back to approximately 5,500 BC when nomadic warriors settled down and eventually blended with the Aryan race. It resulted in the Vedic civilization and the rise of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.

Much later, this was followed by the growth of dynasties and kingdoms and the growth of Muslim power in India. During this time, European traders visited India, and the British succeeded in settling down as a colonial power, until 15 August 1947, when India gained independence and became a republic in due course. As a result of the myriad blend, India has an interesting culture, with thousands of different customs, several languages, and religions.

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The chapters in this book by Namit Arora start from the Dholavira age till Varanasi. It is hard to review such books because this book makes me nostalgic as a student, and I go back to my school days, where my History teacher taught us all this. And, like a grown-up, I feel proud and happy to be a part of this rich culture. With the contents present, this book is a must-read and is also a sure-shot entertainer.

Final Verdict

It is all about India and Indians!

Rating: 5/5

[Book Review by Swapna Peri]

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